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Tuesday, 16 May 2017 00:00

Pedro Poveda Secretariat published Bulletin 17


MADRID, Spain.
Pedro Poveda Secretariat published its bulletin number 17, which offers testimonies and information on Saint Pedro Poveda, Blessed Victoria Díez and Josefa Segovia. In this edition, people from different countries write about aspects of the charism of the Teresian Association that have specific meaning in their context.

Marisa Rodriguez, Director of Pedro Poveda Secretariat, writes in the presentation to the bulletin:

The number 17 has a special connotation for the Teresian Association. In 1917 the Work of Poveda was approved in Jaen at the diocesan level, and also recognized as a civil entity. Since then, there has been a journey of 100 years of vitality and development of what the founder himself called "the good idea". After another seven years, in 1924, the Teresian Association received its Pontifical approval in Rome.

Today the Teresian Association (TA) is a private Association of Christian faithful, present in 32 countries of Africa, America, Asia and Europe. There are many men and women in different contexts today committed to live the charism and mission that Pedro Poveda designed. The elements that are part of the vision of the members of the TA, and of all those who participate in its spirit are, living their faith in the midst of diverse realities, using the educational and cultural mediations of each place, working with those who believe in the utopia of possible changes that can make a world more just and shared. The content of the present Bulletin is dedicated to that issue.

The first article: "An invitation from Pedro Poveda: to promote a humanizing education" is written by Vera Maria Candau from Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

From Pilar Pazos, Madrid (Spain), we publish "Victoria, a smile in the market place."

The third article "Josefa Segovia: a courageous and strong woman," written by Nenita Tenefrancia, comes from Mumbai (India)

In the Report we have asked people from different countries and cultures what aspect of the TA charisma is more significant in their context. We want to thank them for this valuable collaboration that allows us to verify the vitality of the Work of Poveda in different parts of the world.

The News from the Secretariat completes the pages of this Newsletter. The Bulletin in English may be downloaded.