MADRID, Spain.
NGO InteRed invites you to view a documentary that was presented at the Cervantes Institute in Madrid and in Mindanao  (Philippines) about the rural development work done by this NGO and the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development (AECID) for over four years.


MADRID, Spain.Reconstruction has begun in areas damaged by hurricane Yolanda in the Philippines. InteRed will rebuild by providing means to schools and to people dedicated to fishing and agriculture living in heavily affected and disadvantaged communities in Eastern Samar.

Friday, 13 December 2013 14:48

Christmas Solidarity

1218-3MADRID, Spain. 

NGO InteRed, sponsored by the Teresian Association, offers concrete actions to live a caring Christmas.

1121-2MADRID, Spain.
NGO InteRed, promoted by the Teresian Association, continues to provide support and solidarity to the areas affected by the typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines.  Aitziber Barrueta, InteRed coordinator in Asia,  was interviewed on Spanish Television for the program "Para Todos la 2."  She explains how they work in disaster prevention and emergency as well an in the humanitarian action being done because of this natural disaster.

Monday, 11 November 2013 23:01

Emergency Response in the Philippines

MADRID, Spain. 

NGO InteRed, working in the Philippines since 1994, with the Teresian Association is organizing an emergency response to mitigate the most urgent needs in the devastated areas as a result of Typhoon Yolanda. Typhoon Haiyan-Yolanda has affected over 4 million people in 36 provinces in the Philippines and more than 400,000 have been displaced.

LOS NEGRALES, (Madrid) Spain.
The Council for Culture, an advisory body of the Teresian Association, has elaborated a document titled  Open and Pluralistic Reflections
, which was developed between 2011 and 2013 through a participatory process. 

Tuesday, 08 October 2013 18:01

Josefa Segovia: Facing Truth and Life

JS1008MADRID, Spain.
October 10 marks the birthday of Josefa Segovia. This is a good day to remember and re-read some of the writings that have been written about her. This time, this is to know what she thinks about intellectual endeavor. The Revista de la Institución Teresiana (Journal of the Teresian Association) devoted a special issue to her on the occasion of her death on March 29, 1957, and Angeles Galino wrote two articles. We focus on the one titled: “Ante la verdad y la vida” (Facing truth and life) which we publish in these autumn days that invite us to focus on readings and taste them. As Dolores Gomez Molleda wrote some time ago: “Reading is to live slowly."

1004-1eMADRID. Spain.
Members, partners and friends of the Teresian Association have committed to making significant "gestures of solidarity” throughout the current year in order to enable development and education projects in favor of the marginalized. In the last quarter of the year an invitation is extended to other Christians and people of good will to participate in this simple gesture. NGO InteRed is responsible for channeling resources from these donations to projects that are already underway.

MADRID, Spain.
The Pedro Poveda History Chair of the Teresian Association (TA) opens a new section with a letter written by a former General Director of the Teresian Association, Carmen Sanchez Beato.  This new space will include contributions from different authors addressing the centennial history of this Association. The letter titled "Desde la Intimidad" (Intimate Sharing), written by Carmen Sanchez Beato, recalls her relationship with Saint Pedro Poveda. It is a good time to republish this letter in the context of the liturgical feast of the founder of the Teresian Association.

JAÉN, España.
“Un hombre bajaba de Jerusalén a Jericó. Gestos de Misericordia” (A Man Went from Jerusalem to Jericho.  Gestures of Mercy) is the title of a book originally written in Italian by Dr. Annunziata and Fr. Paganelli and now published in Spanish by Editorial Sal Terrae. The authors relate their missionary experience in “villas miseria” and the Amazon Jungle, in Peru. On April 6th, it was presented in Jaén at the Headquarters of the Teresian Association.


CHILE An experience of social transformation in times of pandemic carried out through the Poveda Health Mission, in
ITALY A new book in Italian about the founder of the Teresian Association has been published by the San Paolo
Sunday 25 July dioceses around the world are invited to celebrate for the first time the World Day for Grandparents and
MADRID. Spain On 17 June last, Raquel Pérez Sanjuán received the Charism Award for Education granted by the Spanish
A virtual meeting. SPAIN A joint Guadix-Granada Solidarity Day at the beginning of June was dedicated to projects
United Nations. Geneva The TA as member of the NGO Working Group on Human Rights Education & Learning, joined a
A VIRTUAL MEETING Intergenerational dialogue focused on the Global Compact on Education − advocated by Pope Francis
We are on our journey towards the world gathering of young people scheduled to take place in Lisbon in August 2023.


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