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JAÉN, Spain.
On April 29, at Cathedral Square in Jaén, an emotional ceremony was held in memory of the recently deceased immigrants in the Mediterranean Sea as they tried to arrive in Europe. The event was organized by Jaen’s Rajab Project, the Secretariat for Migration, HOAC, Jaén “Acoge,” Amnesty International, and other organizations. Juan Cózar Olmo, Project Rajab Volunteer writes about the experience.

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Get excited! Take care of Bolivia


ALCOY, Spain.
With the motto "Get excited! Take care of Bolivia," José Arnauda School, in Alcoy, held its Solidarity Week from January 26-30, 2015.


MADRID, Spain.
A new facsimile of pamphlets by St. Pedro Poveda has just been published. This time the editor is a friend, Francisco Martínez Baeza, who put together several articles published by Don Pedro in the second half of 2012.


ROME, Italy.
Maite Uribe, President of the Teresian Association (TA), dedicates the Letter of 2015 to the topic of study and recalls the powerful influence study has had on the development of the Association itself and on any group that tries to read the "signs of the times" in faith.


LIMA, Peru.
The Teresian Association  (TA) in Peru celebrated the Day of Solidarity commemorating the anniversary of the birth of Saint Pedro Poveda on December 3. The theme was: "Our solidarity is enriched by embracing diversity."

1203MADRID, Spain.
On the occasion of the anniversary of the birth of Saint Pedro Poveda (December 3, 1874) and in the year of the V Centenary of St. Teresa of Jesus, the booklet on "Avisos espirituales de Santa Teresa de Jesús"(Spiritual Advice from St. Teresa of Jesus) is re-edited, this time in digital format.  This is a selection of texts chosen by Pedro Poveda in Covadonga, in 1912, for the teachers of the Academies.

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