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The "big house" of Titikachi

Titikachi, La Paz, Bolivia.
CETHA (Center for Technical, Humanistic, Agricultural Education, in Spanish) of Titikachi, is located in the highlands of Bolivia in the province of Dolls, Department of La Paz, inaugurated in late 2012 "a tinglado," which is a  large roofed structure built with the generous donations from members, collaborators and friends of the Teresian Association during the celebrations of the centenary of the TA. 

This is why it is recognized as a "work-sign" of the Centenary of the Teresian Association in America.

0210-20210-1The "community members" of the project have called it "the big house," a house that welcomes everyone. Now the community assemblies gather "under a roof." It has a covered space that shelters the population, providing greater comfort for their long hours of deliberations, their enthusiastic and joyful sports championships, their  cultural activities and all that life may require. This construction was very necessary for the Quechua and Aymara population of the Andean valleys of Bolivia.

0210-3On December 8, in a simple ceremony, we unveiled a plaque with a thought of St. Pedro Poveda "Love justice as much as life." "When you live an idea, it is no longer an idea,” as the song-rumba dedicated to the founder of the Teresian Association sings.  It captures what is involved in this project and this infrastructure, which are made with much effort, risk and daring,  given the distance and the danger of meandering narrow roads to get there.

Those responsible for the project have said: "at the beginning of the work we placed it under the protection of St. Pedro Poveda and in the days of the transfer of the material in huge trucks, we increased our prayers."  "We are sure --they say- that thanks to his intercession all went well, we did not encounter the slightest mishap in spite of all the danger that led to a building of this size and despite the obstacles of the roads."  "Everything is a matter of faith."

0210-5The ceremony was the occasion of a community sharing in which members of different communities and local authorities enjoyed a communal meal and a traditional local dance, led by the Center participants.

The people expressed their gratitude as well as their appreciation of the ducational, humanizing, intercultural work which promotes a better quality of life and that has been being carried out by the Teresian Association, through its members, in this area for 17 years.
Origins of CETHA

A few years ago, Canal 2 Andalucía aired a documentary in a TV program on Solidarity which presented the context and activities of Titikachi CETHA,  which is a project of the Teresian Association subsidized by NGO InteRed.  This audiovisual material helps visualize the reality where the project is developed, now with more improvements and a new infrastructure.

Video on CETHA

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