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Faith as gift, wtness and commitment in the Chair of Josefa segovia

AVILA, Spain.
¨With the heart we believe, with the lips we profess” Faith as gift, testimony and commitment is the theme for the third course of the Chair of Josefa Segovia  at CITeS , University of Mysticism, in Avila, Spain, that will take place on March 8-10.

0122-1The lectures will be delivered by Carmen Aparicio Valls, Berta Marco Spiefel, Juan Martín Velasco and Francisco José Ruiz Perez. The program will also include two panels about “faith that is pondered, celebrated and witnessed in diverse contexts.”

On the first day the book “To accompany, mediation for the encounter” will be presented. This book contains the second course of the Chair of Josefa Segovia.

Mª Rita Martin Artajo will conduct the presentation and coordination of this program.

The Chair of Josefa Segovia intends to contribute to the search of the relationship between the mystic and the lay spirituality actually current in the Church and society; it tries to show how society can develop dimensions that are proper of the mystical experience; it does so by going deeper into the spiritual experience of Josefa Segovia who opened in the Church new paths for the laity in deep connection with the experience that Teresa of Jesus had of God.

CITes, the University of Mysticism, is located in the Arroyo Vacas Street, number 3, Avila.

The program and inscription forms may be downloaded. pdf

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