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Pedro Poveda, the Friend that always Calls Us Together

080312-0CHINAUTLA, Guatemala.
“Aquí, qué chilero” (how happy). These were the words of one of the many children that participated on Friday, July 27, to celebrate the feast of St. Pedro Poveda in the Socio-Educational Project “Xajanaj Kahalepana” in Chinautla, Guatemala.


The community of Chinautla made present, one more year, in the facilities of the Project that man who dreamed of a better education for all more than 100 years ago. On a sunny afternoon the party started. We remembered actions and events of the life of St. Pedro Poveda, two friends from an Academy dedicated to the care of people with special needs sang, students from a near-by school and a volunteer danced. All this was followed by the traditional dance of the “moors” of Chinautla, who, a few months ago, had received the “marimba” that they used in their performance.


More than two hundred people came together to celebrate the friend, Pedro Poveda. This was the seventh year that we remember him in this project and his passion for youth and education. These have been “seven years of intense life,” as there were for Poveda in Covadonga, as we collaborated in the area of Chinautla, offering possibilities for growth and human development. Whole families, grateful for the opportunity we have given to “their children,” are happy to share a different evening of party and community.

The Project Team is able to establish that the integration and participation of the community are growing, that everyday they come for the services and programs that are offered to more people. The rootedness and strengthening of this program of the Teresian Association in Guatemala at the service of the poorest and marginalized keeps growing. The harvest indeed is great but the laborers are few, much hope and few hands, much excitement while there is so much to be done…


Solidarity with Chinautla

Before the Eucharist on July 28 in Los Negrales, Loreto Ballester, General Directress of the Teresian Association, invited us to collect funds for Chinautla in Guatemala. We collected more than twenty-seven hundred euros.

Guatemala sent the following: “we receive with much joy and gratitude the solidarity expressed at the Eucharist on the feast of Saint Pedro Poveda in Los Negrales for the children and youth of Chinautla.  We continue weaving nets that make possible a world with justice and equity.”

Text of Amparo Alcalá
Photos: Blanca Fuentes
Translation: Guillermina Damas

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