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Teresian Association European Volunteering Programme

030412-0BRUSSELS, Belgium.
The Teresian Association European Volunteering Programme came about in 2008 with the aim of coordinating positive actions in this geographical area.

In order to share its missioncharism, directed towards an ‘authentic humanism’, according to Gospel values, the Teresian Association, on the occasion of the Centenary of its founding in 2011, wishes to introduce this Programme to establish volunteering projects at a European and/or international level.

030412-3With this programme it wants to offer and share its specific anthropologicalvision and way of acting in its approach to programming and carrying out socio-educational projects.
For this reason, it invites, and seeks to cooperate with , other social/state bodies to act according to a common consensus.


  • To propose a culture of solidarity as a structural element of the formation of the person and of his/her personal and community growth according to, and based on ,values which recognise human dignity
  • To foster a way of looking at reality with critical vision, looking to bring about the common good
  • To emphasise the values of different alternative life styles with a view to achieving social justice
  • To value cooperation and to join forces with other associations and/or social bodies or groups to carry out projects involving different areas of expertise
  • To promote intergenerational, intercultural, interdenominational and interreligious experiences
  • To balance local, national and international dimensions


  • To plan formativeexperiencesalternating between reflection and good practice
  • To respect operative criteria appropriate to qualitative development at a territorial level
  • To carry out social actions and projects in a climate of reciprocity and subsidiarity among the different persons interacting
  • To work in the local area from a European perspective
  • Foster a dynamic of interpersonalrelationships and of mutual rapprochement of peoples


To work with

  • well defined objectives as to motivations and the extent of results
  • adequate, consistent methodologies
  • Shared knowledge within differences
  • Each country’s plans linked togetherand coordinated at a European level

Three year working plan for the Teresian Association European Volunteering Programme

For the TERESIAN ASSOCIATION and the other entities collaborating

  • Draw up and carry out the annual working plan at a national level in accordance with the European Programme
  • Prepare the annual formation programme at European level, both for the leaders involved and those who choose to participate in the volunteering experience

For those interested in the Programme

  • Participate in the formation organised in their own country
  • To be able to be involved in the volunteering experiences suggested by the Programme
  • Undergo a selection interview
  • Do the specific formation for the chosen project
  • Accept the contractual responsibilities of the partnership

Calendar of meetings

  • Meetings with different entities, for information, planning and organisation of tasks at level national
  • Invitations to people in order to present and disseminate the Programme
  • Specific meetings /events for those who have signed up for the Programme
  • Meetings at a European level of the organising committee of the Programme (November 2011)
  • Formation meeting at a European level (February 2012)

Prospectus European Volunteer Program of the Teresian Association in Spanish , English ,Portuguese , Italian , German , French .

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