Friday, 12 February 2021 11:30

Jesus and dinosaurs, Faith and Science, any relationship?

Hilda Geraghty, a TA member from Ireland, answers this question revisiting Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s life and works.

Hilda Geraghty, a teacher and musician, has recently presented a series of online talks about Teilhard de Chardin and Faith and Science relationship. We can now join the conversation through the recorded videos available here.

Hilda explains: “A friend of mine gave some online sessions on an inspirational figure, to great appreciation, I wondered if I could do something similar for my hero, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.”Hilda emision2

She held a series of four sessions, based on the writings “of that wonderful, gifted and passionate human being, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin SJ. His global vision of how faith and science offer complementary perspectives is hugely relevant to us today.” And she adds: “You will find a clear, illustrated, and systematic journey through his amazing vision of the world.”


The set of links below are to the videos loaded in Google Drive. If you are in Gmail, you can click in immediately on the spot and access the session. If you are not in a Gmail address, copy and paste the link into a Google browser. If a message asks, “Do you really trust this link?” you may say yes.

Click on each session’s title to access to the recorded videos:

Session one: Jesus and Dinosaurs: why we needed someone like Teilhard de Chardin.

Session two: General introduction and The Human Phenomenon.

Session three: Religion heavenly and religion earthly. The cosmic Christ.

Session four: The problem of evil. The new humanism. Epilogue.

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