Friday, 19 January 2018 00:00

Stories of people from the Dominican Republic in "Invisible Heroes"

MADRID, Spain.
"Invisible Heroes" is a documentary series broadcast on channel 2 (Spain) which, on December 30, dedicated a session to storiesof people in the Dominican Republic with the themes of empowerment of women and situations on the border with Haiti. The theme is led by Beatriz Gallart Bandín, coordinator of InteRed in that country.

The documentary series, directed by Víctor Cerdán and produced by RTVE (Spanish Radio and Television) with Taifas Comunicación, is about Spaniards who work to help others in different parts of the world.

For Beatriz Gallart Bandín, the true heroines are those people who are willing to transform reality in favor of the common interest of a community, as stated in the documentary. She works with InteRed to empower women through training processes that develop skills and encourage empowerment so that people know their rights and demand them.

Omar Razzak is a member of the team of reporters of "Invisible Heroes.” His perspective and approach to address the topic is very much appreciated by InteRed.

With InteRed, we invite you to watch the program.




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