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TA in Peru: "Our solidarity is enriched by embracing diversity"


LIMA, Peru.
The Teresian Association  (TA) in Peru celebrated the Day of Solidarity commemorating the anniversary of the birth of Saint Pedro Poveda on December 3. The theme was: "Our solidarity is enriched by embracing diversity."

Living the "Good Idea"

"I am a priest of Christ.’ These are the words Pedro Poveda uses to describe him himself. The Teresian Association is the best fruit of his priesthood" (Cardinal Eduardo Pironio).

The event took place at Isabel Flores de Oliva School  (CIFO). It was an opportunity to share the fruits of a Project on Cultural Diversity, held by the school community to celebrate Saint Pedro Poveda.

Prior to the celebration, the school had celebrated "Solidarity Week" and deepened into the evangelical meaning of this experience. They shared a "Solidarity Breakfast" with the families. For three days, students and educators participated in "Solidarity Recreation," the goal of which was to contribute financially to the social projects of the Teresian Association in different parts of the world.

1216-2Bertha de la Portilla, TA Director in Peru, reminded us that together we are still making the good idea of Saint Pedro Poveda a reality.  He gave his life for the poor, the excluded and marginalized; and built bridges with many people of that society: rich and poor, men and women, youth and children of his time, to generate awareness that "there is no need to be rich in order to give; it is enough to be good; the good must always give," she said quoting St. Pedro Poveda.

Among other activities the students gave the school a colorful atmosphere and organized a lively parade. An exhibition called  "Intercultural Solidarity depicted the work done on Intercultural Projects throughout the year, from the primary levels to high school. There was storytelling, dances of Peru, messages, and a solidarity "lunch" and a solidarity raffle, which led to monetary contributions to the Social Projects of the Teresian Association.

It was an afternoon to welcome, of open classrooms, friendship and hearts united to remember St. Pedro Poveda. A great occasion that allowed participants to assess student learning at the school, the work done by the the children and adolescents under the guidance of teachers and the unconditional cooperation of many families.  The event was also  to learn more about the "Good Idea," as Pedro Poveda said when referring to the Teresian Association and its mission: the formation of people in accordance with the gospel, wherever we are.

Teresa Pecho Vigil



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