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Pedro Poveda’s “Avisos espirituales” in digital format

1203MADRID, Spain.
On the occasion of the anniversary of the birth of Saint Pedro Poveda (December 3, 1874) and in the year of the V Centenary of St. Teresa of Jesus, the booklet on "Avisos espirituales de Santa Teresa de Jesús"(Spiritual Advice from St. Teresa of Jesus) is re-edited, this time in digital format.  This is a selection of texts chosen by Pedro Poveda in Covadonga, in 1912, for the teachers of the Academies.

The publication is a set of texts selected and compiled by Pedro Poveda, today a saint, in Covadonga in 1912. He called them "Avisos espirituales de Santa Teresa de Jesús" and dedicated them to the young teachers of the first academies founded by him in Oviedo (1911) and Linares (1912).

"I started back in June of the Year 1912, to take some notes, word for word, from the doctrine of St. Teresa, as she wrote it down," recalled Pedro Poveda in 1929 in a letter accompanying the dissemination of the same publication of a new edition in Madrid in 1928.

In presenting the current digital publication, Maria Asunción Ortiz recalls: "Poveda always showed an extraordinary interest and admiration for the figure of St. Teresa of Jesus, to the point of constituting her the patroness and a reference point for the Work he began in Oviedo in 1911, while he was a canon of Covadonga at that time."

And she explains that "the selection of texts that make ‘Avisos Espirituales” has the clear intention to make Saint Teresa known, in a real and accessible manner, to everyone who came in contact with his educational project, and specially to those who decided to collaborate in it actively. In the dedication he wrote, he borrowed some words of Fray Luis de León to ask them, guided by the wisdom of St. Teresa, "to put in place the highest and most generous philosophy that people ever imagined, and achieve with their works that which the learned could hardly dream up with their imagination."

The digital edition features on the cover a beautiful painting titled "Santa Teresa,” painted by" Carlota Santos.  It is located at the headquarters of the Teresian Association of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

We are pleased to offer readers this digital edition that brings to the present the texts of Saint Teresa, strongly recommended by Saint Pedro Poveda as a path of virtue and prayer. It is a small tribute to two "strong friends of God," both teachers of many generations.

The book may be downloaded here in different formats.

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