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InteRed's Photographic Exhibition: "Haiti: another view is possible"


MADRID, Spain. 

A photographic exhibition titled "Haiti, another view is possible," organized by NGO InteRed, can be seen from May 22 - June 7 at the “Librería Ocho y Medio,” at the following address: Calle Martín de los Heros, 11, Madrid.

It is an exhibition of images taken during the summer of 2012 by Fernando Mármol, InteRed volunteer,  in the villages of Dosmonde, Wanament, Ti Laurier, and Savanlong.

Over two weeks, visitors will witness the work of InteRed on the project "Haiti: the school is built, restoring hope," an initiative that began in 2010 when the Teresian Association in Dominican Republic decided to take actions through a group of citizens to support the Haitian people after the earthquake.

The exhibition presents the faces of Marie, Herby, Michelet, Papiyon, students, teachers, relatives, neighbors, and friends where two InteRed volunteers lived and worked on the restoration of two schools, working side by side with these Haitian people.

Through these images, which will be exposed at Ocho y Medio, the reality of Haiti will be shown through the eyes of volunteers, and it will also reflect the dignity of the Haitian people who decided to rise up and continue journeying.

Presentation of some of these images:

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