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After the disaster, rebuilding has started in the Philippines


MADRID, Spain.Reconstruction has begun in areas damaged by hurricane Yolanda in the Philippines. InteRed will rebuild by providing means to schools and to people dedicated to fishing and agriculture living in heavily affected and disadvantaged communities in Eastern Samar.

NGO InteRed deeply appreciates the signs of solidarity with the people of the Philippines as well the collaboration and trust placed on this organization, which is promoted by the Teresian Association.

So far, private donations received total 215,000 euros. This money will go entirely to the immediate reconstruction, rehabilitation, and equipping of schools in Eastern Samar in the Philippines, where 10 districts were severely damaged. An estimated 237,239 people have been affected in this area. All the work will be done in close coordination with local and regional governments to avoid duplication, and thus maximize resources. Also InteRed will earmark funds to provide assistance to this population, which is primarily an agricultural and fishing village.


We are identifying and assessing needs in the towns of Guiuan (composed of 60 barangays with five islands and 4 secondary, public schools) and of Eastern Salcedo (of 41 barangays and one public school) where 99% of the infrastructure, including government facilities,  schools, health centers, and parishes, have been severely or completely damaged. At this point, classes are taught in improvised schools, and health services, which have not yet been restored completely, are being taken care of by governmental and humanitarian institutions.

Much of the work will be done in coordination with a local organization, PhilDHRRA, which became organized for emergency care. InteRed will channel aid through this organization. This is a national network of NGOs that was established in the Philippines in 1983 and has as its priority the development of rural, poor, and indigenous communities.  The organization has extensive experience in emergency response, given that, in recent years, it has provided humanitarian assistance after Typhoon Ketsana (2009), the Nesat Typhoon (2011), Tropical Storm Washi (2012) and Typhoon Bopha (2012).  We are also working with local NGOs and the Teresian Association to identify the needs of the affected population.

InteRed Experience in the Philippines

Since 1994, InteRed is present in the Philippines, particularly in the island of Mindanao and Manila. The work in Mindanao focuses on integrated rural development and the training of farmers in order to promote a sustainable agriculture and the care of natural resources.  The objective is to strengthen the social and economic fabric by associating the peasant population into communities, organizations and / or cooperatives that will provide microcredits.  InteRed also assists local government units in the development and implementation of development plans of these local governments.  By working together, social services in the communities such as health, education, and the water system are improved.

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