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Hopes and concerns of actual society

Hopes and concerns of actual society was the theme developed on a round table encounter organized by the Chair of Pedro Poveda of the Pontifical University of Salamanca last April 18th at the campus this university has in Madrid.

0507-1Loreto Ballester, directress of the Chair, presided over the act; the speakers were Jose Luis Segovia Bernabé, Oscar Mateos Martín, Fernando Díaz Abajo and Mª del Mar Palacios Córdoba. On behalf of the University, Professor Miguel Anxo Pena greeted the audience.

The theme proposed for this occasion, Hopes and concerns of actual society aroused a particular interest between the speakers and the audience. The theme was addressed from different perspectives, all of them complementary.

The session was videotaped by the technical crew of the University and it can therefore be seen in its entirety.

The round table was formed by:

0507-2Mr. José Luis Segovia Bernabé, Professor of Analysis of Reality, Moral and Social, at the Pastoral Higher Institute of UPSA- Madrid. His focus was: How to look at this world and from what perspective.

Mr. Oscar Mateos Martín, Director of International Relations at the Autonomous University in Barcelona and Professor at the Ramón Llull University.  His presentation was: Hopes and alternatives from the youth´s milieu.

Mr. Fernando Díaz Abajo, priest, with a Master´s on the Social Doctrine of the Church. He is director of the Department of Labor Pastoral Work of the Spanish Episcopal Conference. His theme was: Humanizing labor to live with hope.

Ms. Mª del Mar Palacios Córdoba, PhD in Economics by ETEA; Director of InteRed, a nonprofit organization. Her intervention was on: The reality and its possibilities as seen from the optic of the South.

Videotape of the Round Table on Hopes and concerns of actual society, Chair of Pedro Poveda, Pontifical University of Salamanca

(First Part)

(Second Part)

The Chair of Pedro Poveda of the Pontifical University of Salamanca has as its objective: “To facilitate the study of the person and writings of its titular, the research, education and diffusion of the two great themes that sustained his life and mission: The priestly ministry in the Church and the dialogue between faith and contemporary culture.”

“The Chair has developed a meaningful activity since the year 2000, and we all remember the important Congress celebrated in Salamanca, on the occasion of the Centenary, on lay spirituality, attended by many of us. We are now at the stage of programming the next years and the implementation of the activities foreseen for this year” said Loreto Ballester, actual Director of the Chair, in a letter convoking the activity.

Translated Mª Teresa Cuervo



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