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Wednesday, 14 July 2021 09:12

Qualified health care in time of pandemic


An experience of social transformation in times of pandemic carried out through the Poveda Health Mission, in Codao, Sixth Region.

A virtual meeting. SPAIN

A joint Guadix-Granada Solidarity Day at the beginning of June was dedicated to projects that the TA is running in Equatorial Guinea. Online communication made it possible for members and friends of the TA in Andalusia to learn a little more about the situation in that African country.

Wednesday, 28 April 2021 15:02

A boost to fair trade and solidarity

LEON. Spain

A few days ago, Inés Carbajal received the 6th Award for Professional Work for Fair Trade from the City Council of León. The award recognises her efforts in promoting the dissemination and commercialisation of the work carried out by the women of the KURTA project in India.

Wednesday, 24 March 2021 15:06

Looking clearly at reality

Virtual round table

On March 13, we had an online meeting, on the document La Sociedad Fragilizada/The Debilitated Society, the new publication of the Council for Culture, in which some members make a sociocultural analysis of the current situation, with mind and heart in the present moment.

European meeting

Centred on the theme of The Debilitated Society, the Teresian Association in Portugal on March 20 coordinated a European meeting in which almost a hundred TA members and friends from nine countries on the continent took part online.

Hilda Geraghty, a TA member from Ireland, answers this question revisiting Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s life and works.

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