Wednesday, 21 July 2021 10:15

New headquarters, new life! Alameda coworking


InteRed, the Teresian Association NGDO, inaugurates on September 1 a new location for its headquarters in a street with historical and affective components that are linked to the biography of San Pedro Poveda.

mudanza vieja sedeInteRed, throughout its history – almost 30 years –, has changed its headquarters several times; this is the sixth. Changing headquarters is more than just a move, it is to carry in the backpack the experiences lived in that place, the companions of the journey and the alliances made on that stretch of the road. It is to keep the lessons learned and the work shared in the memory of the heart. On September 1, we will get down to work; we will make the move.

The change of headquarters has been a reason for reflection and discernment: what kind of space? a conventional office? a coworking? new headquarters? new life?

A new phase

The pandemic has given us the opportunity to work online. We have learnt from teleworking the opportunities it offers both for the person and for the entity and at the same time we have seen the importance of being in person. We are aware that the culture and dynamics of work will be different in the post pandemic period. Work models will evolve over time and we have to be attentive. At InteRed, we have chosen a mixed model of face-to-face and teleworking and we have opted for an innovative future option such as moving to the coworking place Alameda.

Why go to a coworking space? Because for InteRed it fits in with the reality of face-to-face and telematic work, which makes it even easier to reconcile personal and family life, makes it easier to form part of a collaborative community and broad networks, speeds up the creation of new forms of work and is efficient and sustainable in the use of resources.

At the same time, we face challenges such as continuing to strengthen institutional identity and links, working together and feeling like a team, and making InteRed and the Teresian Association itself known. A new opportunity that generates hope.

An inspiration

varias vistas coworking

The move to 22 Alameda Street, Madrid (Spain), a street that evokes a lot for the Teresian Association, is more than a source of inspiration. It is a call to be like Pedro Poveda: bold, with the head and heart in the present moment, to face the challenges of this globalized world in which we live.

On 28 July we present this change of headquarters and we say with him what he expressed in 1902 in Guadix: “we have much faith, much hope and we do not stop dreaming and we even fulfil some dreams trusting in Providence.”

Ana Arancibia. InteRed Director.


C/ Príncipe de Vergara, 88. 28006 Madrid, ESPAÑA