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Monday, 20 April 2020 11:37

We open another meeting point


In this Easter season and coinciding with Pedro Poveda's ordination anniversary, we are launching the new international website of the Teresian Association.

It is a new meeting point of the Teresian Association with those who are looking for a word of faith and hope. We offer something of who we are and what we do, a place to engage in conversation.

All of the content on this website is public, reaching out to people who may not know us, but with whom we may be in contact occasionally through social media, internet, etc.

It will also serve to present the Association to people who ask for information or to those who are becoming involved in our activities and projects.

The speed with which digital communication is developing today has made it necessary for us to update the design and content of the website. This is to make it more accessible for those using various kinds of devices like tablets, mobile phones and laptops, and for those using different browsers. It also caters for a wide range of ages and profiles.

Link to the new website by cliking on the image, please.


This previous website will maintain the reserved sections and will continue to be active and accessible through the link:

TA Info.