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Vocal concert inviting to a spiritual experience


The first concert of the “In wings of the spirit” cycle was held in the “Espacio Negrales”, by the singer José Hernández Pastor,the 9th of November, a cultural gathering with the voice as a vehicle for interiorization and communion.

josehdez pastorCountertenor José Hernández Pastor, an expert in ancient, Gregorian and Baroque music and with an extensive professional career, includes in his repertoire pieces of non-Christian religious traditions as well as his own works filled with tenderness and sensitivity.

As well as the prodigious tessitura of his voice and his professionalism as a singer and musicologist, he keeps a spiritual search from the practice of yoga and meditation. From his first visits to Santa María de Los Negrales he found in the place an atmosphere that made him accept the invitation to offer a series of concerts.

Tiny lights

The framework chosen for this spiritual experience through singing was the Chapel of the Towers. In an atmosphere of recollection, with the image of Mary who extends her hands and the Christ who invites upwards, the lights of several candles marked a small path, a community of sparkles, of energy, which when united gave a greater light.

The program included four Gregorian songs, songs of Hindu, Jewish, African tradition, a song by Henry Purcell, three own compositions and a version of John Lennon's “Across of Universe” to finish.

The audience listened attentively, concentrated, some eyes closed, in an environment of praying serenity.

Dialogue with beauty

The blessing, the love, the light, the beauty, the dialogue with the divinity ... were the recurring themes in the chosen pieces. In some songs the voice was accompanied by the Celtic harp or guitar in addition to the keyboard, musical accompaniments that were always monophonic melodies backing the singing.

The ability to communicate experience through the voice became even stronger when José Hernández Pastor shared his own creations, such as “My mind” or “Spiritual Nana”.

contratenor jose

In this concert, first in the cycle “In wings of the spirit”, there was another detail that made the experience exceptional. The singer raised his recital as a close, familiar, without artifice sample of his musical work, also being lived at his home. He felt free to include his son, Mario, as an accompanist, who helped him with the keyboard, guitar and supporting some refrains.

At several times it was a demonstration of the fusion of two voices so close and distant at the same time: the trained voice of the professional counter tenor seemed like a child's voice, that of the beginning child was naturally modulated.

Exchange and sharingluz doble

After the recital, the evening continued with an agape in the dining room where, in addition to tasting exquisite nibbles and a wine, the conversation, the comment and the exchange about the experience helped to share the nuances of what each person had felt and lived.

It was also the time to get to know José Hernández closely and thank him for offering us his voice and his art with such generosity.

The concert cycle has two more planned events, with the same performer and the same format: concert and dinner. The next dates are January 17 and June 27, always at 7:30 p.m.

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