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Conmmemorative exhibition in the centenary of Antonia López Arista

LINARES, España.
A commemorative exhibition of the 100th anniversary of the death of Antonia López Arista took place in Linares, Jaén, between the 6 and 11 of November, organized by the Philatelic Section of the Poveda Cultural Center (CCP). It contained also a temporary Post Office desk printing the special commemorative postmark granted for the occasion by the Post Office General Direction.

sellado expoThe opening ceremony took place the 6th of November, exactly one hundred years after Antonia's death. A large group of people, including two relatives of the honoree, attended and contemplated the panels where the stamps were displayed. The president of the Philatelic Section, Juan Medina, presented in the first place the material specially designed for the exhibition about Antonia López Arista: the poster, the program of events, a personalized stamp with the image of the honoree, as well as a commemorative envelope. In addition, he presented the special postmark granted by the Post and Telegraphs General Direction to be used in the temporary post office, installed in the exhibition site.

Then he director of the Center, Mª Belén Muñoz López, made a brief summary of the life of "Antoñita", born in Linares, in the bosom of a well-off and educated family, in which she received a deep and wide education. Antonia died at the age of 31, along with his mother and one of his brothers, victim of the flu epidemic that ravaged Europe in 1918.

entrada expocentropoveda

Enthusiastic in spreading Poveda's Work

The family of Antonia, relatives of Poveda, were the main economic support of the Academy in its beginnings, and she, along with Isabel del Castillo Arista, the most enthusiastic voice of it, so much that she deserved to be called by the founder "soul of the Teresian Work". Belén Muñoz recalled a social initiative, "the crib of the Child Jesus", which was dedicated to the preparation and distribution of baby clothes among the most disadvantaged families in the neighborhood of Cantarranas. Through the delivery of these "baby's wear" they entered into relationship with the families, especially with the mothers, and in this way they were creating bonds that allowed them to continue interacting with these people, often in need of help, affection and guidance, especially in the education of their children.

Matilde Carrero, representative of the TA in Eastern Andalusia, congratulated the Philatelic Section of the CCP and read a text that Pedro Poveda probably wrote thinking of "Antoñita": "Men and women of God are unmistakable. They are not distinguished because they are brilliant, or because they dazzle, not because of their human strength, but because of the holy fruits." She added that the fact that Pedro Poveda was her spiritual director since she was very young created among them a link that allowed her to grasp in an exceptional way the spirit of the Association in order to spread it. Ms. Carrero finished by reading a fragment of a letter that Poveda himself wrote, as a tribute to her: "She did a lot in Linares, precisely in the most difficult time for that population, and cooperated with everything good without noise or ostentation, but with good will, prudence and humility".

Other items enhancing the exhibition

The president of the Philatelic Section, Juan Medina, thanked Juan Carlos Abio, head of the Post office of Linares, for his attendance at the event and all the efforts that had to be made with for the exhibition. Finally invited the public to visit and enjoy it.

The exhibition encloses three excellent thematic philatelic collections, plus a varied catalog of collectibles: frames, lottery, and coupons. To all that were added other items as those presented by Antonio García Sánchez, which includes a selection of hand-held programs from the Linares' cinemas of the 50s and 60s of the last century; Dionisio Maeso Lázaro's collection of heraldic shields of the province of Jaén; and from Eusebio Gascón Mateos' a curious set of shares of the mining companies of the Linares-La Carolina mining district.

On Sunday, 11 of November, the exhibition was closed, with the conferement of diplomas and commemorative plaques to the participants and contributors.


Text and photographs: CCP Linares.



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