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Prayer before Our Lady of Covadonga 2018

COVADONGA, Asturias, Spain.
More than three hundred pilgrims from the Teresian Association gathered in the evening of Saturday, October 6, at the Shrine of Covadonga, to renew, one more year, the commitment to remember, before La Santina (Our Lady of Covadonga), the origin of the Association, to give thanks and ask for her intercession.

Covadonga received us at the beginning of autumn, the season when nature’s colors turn red, yellowish, and brown. Some intermittent rains and the cool of the change of season marked the weather.

From midday the flow of people and the hustle and bustle of so many people arriving, friends and companions in the way of the Association, indicated that everything was prepared to live an act of memory, gratitude and devotion before La Santina in Covadonga.

Throughout the afternoon and evening, we went closer to the Cave in different groups. This year the prayer would be in the Basilica. The Santina was dressed in white, with the garment which has the coat of arms of the Teresian Association engraved on it.

At 10 pm, prayer began in the name of the Father, the Son and the Spirit and with a song. Tere García Muñoz explained that, since the number of people exceeded the capacity of the cave, the prayer would take place at the basilica. She also pointed out that an image of Our Lady of Covadonga on the side of the altar of the Basilica, the work of the sculptor Juan Samsó, was placed there in 1908, when Pedro Poveda was a canon. She invited us to pray for the Synod of Bishops on young people, which is taking place in Rome.

Pilar Frade read some words of Pedro Poveda, pronounced in Covadonga after the assembly of 1934. Then, a version of a creed was prayed. Concha Romera read a text of the Assembly of all Associations a.e., "prophesy and announce", and Maite Uribe read the priority of the XVIII General Assembly, which invites us to be witnesses of communion and hope.

At the end the hymn to La Santina de Covadonga was sung, "Blessed the Queen of our mountain ...". 

After the prayer, the presence of the Abbot of Covadonga, Adolfo Mariño  was recognized and the new members of the Governing Council who participated were introduced: María Rita Martín, Carmen Lizárraga and María Dolores Peralta (according to the order in the picture).



Prayer in the Basilica of Covadonga

Song: In the name of the Father ... (by Salomé Arricibita)

In the name of the Father, learn to wait; in the name of the Father, forgive and heal

in the name of the Father, celebrate and embrace; in the name of the Father, offer a home

In the name of the Son, live to love; in the name of the Son, love without looking,

In the name of the Son, look without judging; in the name of the Son, always sow peace.

In the name of the Father, in the name of the Son, may the Spirit blow so that we may always be alive,

In the name of the Father, in the name of the Son, may the Spirit blow so that we may live together.

May the Spirit blow and renew every soul, may the Spirit blow so that we may open our wings,

May the Spirit blow and  may we to let it enter and ventilate the house.


Gratitude, a distinguishing characteristic

We are before La Santina to give thanks for what we experienced during the six-year period 2012-2018 that has just ended, and we do it with the words of Pedro Poveda, pronounced in 1934.

"The whole Association, for me, is here present with you. My purpose today is to make it clear that, in the Association, gratitude must be one of its distinguishing characteristics because we are Christians, and because we have our connection with the first Christians.


This spirit of gratitude must be special in the Work. It does not have to be simply finesse, and much less a feigned gratitude ... but a sincere, heartfelt, supernatural gratitude ... And we are not to give thanks as people do after receiving a gift. We should give thanks when we ask, such is the confidence and security that we have that God will give it to us.

After the two Assemblies: of faith and of sending us to live in hope

We are invited to rekindle our faith, to do it together, to do it as an Association and as a people of God. This is why we make a profession of deep and heartfelt faith.

We pray together:

I believe in God, Father-Mother, creator of the unfinished world, that together we will become more just and supportive.

I believe in Jesus, our elder brother, who revealed to us the love of his Father-God and taught us to love each other as brothers and sisters.

I believe in the Spirit of God that is within us and encourages us to do good and to fight against poverty and injustice.

I believe that the Holy Spirit sends us his strength and freedom to go out into the world to announce Jesus, in accordance with the charism of the TA.

I believe in a new and humanity, and I believe in the community of those who follow and imitate Jesus.

I believe that Mary, as the first follower of Jesus, and looking at us from her mediating eyes, accompanies us and encourages us in our journey.

I believe that God believes in me, that he believes in each one of us.

I believe that, in the TA, we will live with courage and clarity of mind after the Assembly of faith and of sending us to live in hope.

In the meantime, with all those who believe, with all who fight, I cry out in this kingdom of death and hope. Come Lord Jesus! Amen, Hallelujah!

(Partially taken from Rafael Calvo Beca, Pedro Casaldáliga, Frei Betto)


Profesy and announce

1006-7En la Clausura de la Asamblea de Todas las Asociaciones a.e. se nos ha dicho: Vete, profetiza y anuncia a mi pueblo

At the Closing of the Assembly of All the Associations a.e. we were told: Go, prophesy and announce to my people.

GO and look for new paths, new ways to meet with my people, with young people, with families, with the most disadvantaged.

GO with light luggage, you do not need much for the road because I am with you.

GO because I have called you and sent you ... Do not go alone, because to be and feel Church you have to walk with others, in community, in family.

GO and announce the Good News of a love that liberates, heals, forgives, saves, gives hope. It is a love that has a face, that of the Risen One. It has a style, Poveda's charism is incarnate, it goes through men and women, young and old ...

GO and take off your shoes before the mystery of humanity in search ... Take off your shoes because the land you step on is holy. It is a land loved by God ... Take off your shoes and announce that the time of liberation has arrived.

GO to live in hope, to transmit hope ...

(Maite Uribe, Closing Speech ATA a.e.)

Sent to live in hope 

Song: Sent to live in hope ...

Sent to live in hope (3), by faith, called to holiness, by faith

Inviati a vivere nella speranza (3), per la fede, chiamate alla santità, per la fede

Sent to live in hope (3), through faith, called to holiness, through faith

Envoyés à vivre en espérance (3), par la foi, appelés à la sainteté, par la foi.

We start a new six-year period with hope

The XVIII General Assembly recognizes as a call from the Spirit for the whole Association the following PRIORITY: Witnesses of hope and communion, called to leave our land.

Go live in hope, to transmit hope, the one we have shared as people of different cultures, languages and traditions, the one we have celebrated, the hope that makes us feel sent by the God of Jesus who tells us like Amos: Go and prophesy to my people!

To be witnesses of hope, to offer a horizon of meaning and progress ...

Urged to weave fraternity networks

Called to engage with families

Walk with young people in a society in change

(Prospective, XVIII GA_2018)



Hymn to Our Lady of Covadonga Covadonga


Blessed the Queen of our mountain, who has as her throne the cradle of Spain

and she shines in height more beautiful than the sun.

She is Mother, and she is Queen.

Come pilgrims,

in her presence divine love is aspired and the soul of the Spanish land is in her.





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