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Inauguration of the XVIII General Assembly of the Teresian Association

LOS NEGRALES, Madrid, Spain. 
On the morning of August 1, 2018, the opening session of the XVIII General Assembly (GA) of the Teresian Association took place at Santa María de Los Negrales Center. It will run until August 15. The President of the Association, Maite Uribe, delivered the opening address. The inaugural Eucharist was presided over by Cardinal Carlos Osoro, Archbishop of Madrid.

In the initial ceremony a reference was made to the Assembly of all the Associations (a.e.), which ended on July 28. With the sign of the Cross, through a song, we became aware of the presence of God at this meeting; the creed was prayed with adaptations for the occasion and prayed with prayers to the Spirit sent by members of the Association from different parts of the world.

Words from the President of the Association


Maite Uribe started by reading the messages sent to the Assembly by Pope Francis; Cardinal Kevin Farrell, Prefect of the Dicastery of Lay People, Family and Life; and Milton Trócoli, Bishop of Maldonado, Uruguay.

Then she read the inaugural speech, which was warmly welcomed by the assembly members who gave her a standing ovation.

Maite Uribe began saying: "we have just celebrated the assembly of faith and of being sent to live in hope, with representatives from all the Associations of the Teresian Association." These were intense days of search for the will of God, of shared courage, of humility, and trust and above all, of gratitude.

We are very grateful for being called personally and as an association to be witnesses of hope wherever the mission takes us, inspired by the charisma of Pedro Poveda and sent to journey with men and women, young people and adults who, like us, work for societies of justice and peace.

This was a strong experience that precedes and completes what we are going to live these days. The words that can best express what the Teresian Association experiences from July 21 till August 15, could be diversity and communion, fidelity and creativity, and everyone looking to a future with the certainty that God walks with us.

The President of the Teresian Association went over the process lived by the Association since the approval of its current Statutes: “at the beginning of this XVIII GA, I would like to establish a certain dialogue between the XIV General Assembly, which took place in 1994 and which brought us into a clear and prophetic direction after the approval of the Statutes of 1990.  The theme then was 'Courageous in Hope"'and the XVIII General Assembly that we are inaugurating has the theme of faith and of being sent to live in hope," she said.

And she continued: two Assemblies with two themes that express continuity and novelty, development and progress towards that future that God presents to us as a new covenant, a new promise based on faith and courage, tenderness and mercy.

Today, in this XVIII General Assembly of 2018, 28 years after that approval (of the new Statutes in 1990), and 24 years after the XIV General Assembly held in 1994, with all the richness of the road traveled in these years, we want once again, to give thanks for the associative identity and the mission through which, and for which, God has summoned us, reaffirming us in our ecclesial dimension, proper of a Work of the Church.



Eucharistic Celebration

Presided over by Cardinal D. Carlos Osoro, the inauguration Eucharist of the XVIII General Assembly was celebrated.


After stating that the Assembly is a grace of God, the Cardinal Archbishop of Madrid, asked us to go through the world with three axes in accordance to the Gospel proclaimed (Matthew 13: 44-46) on the parable of the treasure found in a field.

This Work serves the Lord because it arises in the Church to give life. It was founded by an exceptional man who gave his life, he said, and continued:" let's go back to the Lord to separate the gold from the dross. We all have some scum, but we are asked not to live out of it, but out of gold, which is the life of the Lord.

The Teresian Association has a Christocentric and EIncarnation spirituality. You have to be on the paths of today's people, to be faithful to the origin. You are to be eminently human, with a humanism that demands evangelical courage. That courage that we see in Pedro Poveda, who gave his life tfor Jesus Christ, he stressed.

He also spoke to the eminently lay Association and pointed out that today the laity and their participation in the life of the Church is very important. Pedro Poveda was ahead of his time because he founded an association of lay people that sell everything to find a treasure. But this requires going back to the field, to the center, to Jesus. Get to know him better every day, he said.

He also pointed out that nowadays it is necessary to be men and women capable of reflecting on events, to know what is going on ... and the Teresian Association has the characteristics for this. Do not forget to go back to the Lord, to experience that you have a treasure to be cared for. And that you have sold everything to put yourselves at the service of the Church and of every human being who needs it. He concluded by referring to the presence of Mary in the life of the Association and in the devotion of St. Pedro Poveda who felt the inspiration of the Work before Our Lady in Covadonga.





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