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The Teresian Association celebrated its 75th anniversary in Peru

LIMA, Peru
On Saturday, May 26, the Teresian Association (TA) in Peru celebrated its 75th anniversary with a Eucharist. More than five hundred people, family members, students, alumni, collaborators and members of the TA Movement, and TA members participated.


On May 30, 1943, members of the Teresian Association assumed the management of the Teachers School of Huaraz, in the Ancash region, in the north of the country.


Three words summarized the meaning to the celebration: Gratitude, Hope and Challenge. Several symbols represented the different realities: a fan represented the universality of the TA; sandals, the Movement of the Teresian Association and the Socio-educational Movement; a reed reprsented the residents, former residents, collaborators, and friends of the TA in Peru, and a large loaf of bread, the needs of so many people in Peru. A Carnival of Peace, was presented at the moment of peace by a group of children of the school, who also gave a sign of peace to the audience.

0617-3The following are expressions of gratitude from some of the participants:

  • "We had a great experience of teamwork and, above all, of deep renewal in TA members, collaborators and friends.
  • We lived a simple and intimate celebration in a cheerful, warm, cordial atmosphere ... I loved the offerings in the Eucharist (..) Everything was beautiful, we all participated with body, mind and heart; the Spirit was present.
  • The celebration of the Eucharist was a moment of thanksgiving for our TA, in memory of our founders and of all those who have passed through our country sowing seeds of prayer and action committed to social transformation.
  • We need to strengthen the presence and face of the TA in Peru and this was a very important moment. We all have our hearts renewed. The motto was very clear; gratitude for so much life given in these years, hope in what we can build together, a challenge to respond to what Peru needs of our charism today. We thank the Lord for everything he has given us, and we begin a new stage.
  • Certainly, Father Poveda from heaven looks at us with pleasure and hopes that our Motto, Gratitude-Hope-Challenge, will be an experience that, with the help of the Lord and of Our Lady, will open new lights and realities in our beloved Peruvian land.
  • This event is the fruit of all who worked together. Thank you for this joy. Thanks for the music. Special thanks to the choir. Thank you for encouraging participation. 
  • I join what has already been expressed and the immense joy of the precious celebration that we lived and shared with so much joy and depth, with so many people from various places and diverse historical moments where the Association was present in our Homeland; people who, influenced by the values ​​of Jesus and the Pedagogy of Saint Pedro Poveda, undoubtedly transformed their personal history, their family environments and beyond."

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