Saturday, 03 March 2018 00:00

Publisher Narcea celebrates its 50th anniversary

MADRID, Spain.
On February 21, Narcea celebrated its 50th anniversary with a commemorative act in the premises of the Press Association in Madrid.

The theme was "Narcea, 50 years committed to education." Some participants were: Leopoldo Caravantes, President of the Board of Directors of Narcea that highlighted the importance of this fiftieth anniversary for a cultural company; Mónica González Navarro, current Director of the publishing house, and Esther Martínez Quinteiro, Professor at the University of Salamanca.


A publishing house at the service of education

Mónica González Navarro briefly summarized the life of this publishing house in these years in which they have lived "many dreams, many visions, many realizations and also some setbacks that we have overcome with the strength that springs from  the certainty of a work that is useful to society and is full of possibilities to achieve a better education, citizens who are better trained, more just and more capable of making the world progress in accordance with  Christian and evangelical values. This was done through this very interesting field, full of training possibilities, like the one that is carried out by this publishing house."

At the event, they presented the beginnings of this publishing house and several of its collections, designed to contribute to the educational task of educators in Spain and the world. Many of them have had great impact in the educational world.

At the end of her speech, the director of Narcea quoted a text from Barak Obama: "When we succeed, we have success because of our individual initiative, but also because we do things together."

We salute and congratulate this publisher that specializes in education and that has included important works of Saint Pedro Poveda and Josefa Segovia in its spiritual collections.




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