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Portrait of Pedro Poveda in a new chapel of the Curia of Madrid


MADRID, Spain.
The portraits of eight Saints associated with the Archdiocese of Madrid, Spain, including St. Pedro Poveda, are the most outstanding feature of the new chapel of the Archdiocesan Curia, inaugurated on September 18, 2017, by the Archbishop of Madrid, Cardinal Carlos Osoro. He said at the blessing ceremony: "May this chapel be a special place in this Pastoral Center and may it really mark the direction of our life."

The new decoration of the chapel is the work of painter Nati Cañada, who has portrayed eight saints who have a special relationship with the Archdiocese of Madrid: Saint Dámaso, Saint Ildefonso, Saint Alonso de Orozco, Saint Simón de Rojas, Santa Soledad Torres Acosta, Santa Vicenta María López Vicuña, Saint José María Rubio, and Saint Pedro Poveda. In addition, she has created the Stations of the Cross with 14 images of the Passion of the Lord.

"This chapel is to be a place for us to come to ask the Lord for advice on the tasks we perform here, because Jesus Christ has to be at the center of everything. If He is not so, we will announce other things but not the Lord,” said the Archbishop of Madrid. "This Pastoral center is not to look at ourselves but to look at the needs of all the people in this diocese, and not only those who believe in the same things we do, but also those who are far away and do not think the way we do."

All the saints painted by the painter are related to Madrid, either by their origin or by their place of apostolate. They are a Pope, a bishop, two friars, two nuns, and two diocesan priests. "I have cried on many occasions during my work because it was all real and very exciting," said Nati Cañada.

The figure of Christ presiding over the chapel was made by sculptor Jesús Arévalo, who used a cedar trunk. The wood has a slit in the front, "so that when viewed from afar, it seems the blood of Christ flowing out directly from the heart," says the artist. 

sDamaso Saint Dámaso was Pope at the end of the fourth century and was responsible for the translation of the Bible into Latin, composed the doxology of the Glory and introduced the Alleluia into the Liturgy.
sIldefonso Saint Ildefonso was born in Toledo, was Abbot of a small monastery and then appointed Bishop in 658. He is recognized for his theological studies on the Blessed Virgin.
sAlonso Saint Alonso de Orozco was an Augustinian friar who served in the court of King Felipe II but lived with remarkable austerity and worked with the poor.
sSimon Saint Simón de Rojas was also a confessor in the court and developed charitable activities, founding the Congregation of the Hail Mary and dedicating himself to "making the good ones better" and "seeking the conversion of sinners."
sSoledad Saint Soledad Torres Acosta is one of the first members of the Servants of Mary in the 19th century and came to lead the congregation, serving the sick personally.
sVicenta Saint Vicenta María López Vicuña was born in Navarre, but she developed her apostolate in Madrid, founding the community of the Sisters of Mary Immaculate and dedicated herself to the formation and service of young women who went to Madrid.


sJoseM Saint José María Rubio was called the Apostle of Madrid by Bishop Eijo and Garay. He was a diocesan priest and later a Jesuit religious who ministered to poor people.


Poveda San Pedro Poveda is the founder of the Teresian Association.  He gave his life in martyrdom in July 1936 during the religious persecution of the Spanish civil war. When he was arrested by his persecutors, he presented himself saying, "I am a priest of Christ."


Information from the Archdiocese of Madrid. 

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