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Monday, 17 April 2017 00:00

120th anniversary of the priestly ordination of Saint Pedro Poveda


MADRID, Spain.
The Bishop of Guadix,  Monsignor Ginés García Beltrán, sent a message to the Teresian Association in his diocese on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the priestly ordination of Saint Pedro Poveda.

"Today, 120 years ago, Saint Pedro Poveda was ordained a priest in the chapel of this Pastoral Center. I join with joy in this grateful memory of the Teresian Association, and I ask, on behalf of this Diocese, its priests,  and seminarians, for the intercession of he who died only wanting to be a priest of Jesus Christ"
+Ginés, Bishop of Guadix

On April 17, 1897, Pedro Poveda was ordained a priest in the chapel of the episcopal palace of the diocese of Guadix. On the 21st of the same month, he celebrated his first solemn Mass in the same place.

His priestly anniversary was for him the most important date, the only one he celebrated. On March 15, 1933, he wrote in his diary: "Lord, may I always be a priest in thoughts, words and deeds." And, a few days later, on April 17, he wrote: "It is 36 years since I received my priestly ordination. How much longer will I live? God only knows. I ask Him for the grace of celebrating each day the Holy Mass with fervor."

"Poveda was transfigured during the celebration of the Mass. I will never forget the Masses celebrated by Father Poveda,” says a witness.  “I want to point out explicitly that there was absolutely no stridency of fervor. On the contrary, what impressed me was the serenity, the peace and the silence that he felt throughout the whole celebration. His gestures showed that the celebrant priest lived the mystery with intensity.” "What a beautiful lesson for us priests!", said Cardinal Eduardo Pironio when writing about the priestly profile of Saint Pedro Poveda.

He continues: "Poveda was a man of God and a teacher of prayer… This is the beginning of the person and the work of the priest: to be a man who is transparent to God and communicates Him, a man who speaks of God and hears Him: "I believed, therefore I spoke." “The men of God and the women of God are unmistakable; they are not distinguished because they are brilliant, nor because they shine, nor because of their human strength, but because of their fruits.

During April 17-21, in the places where the Teresian Association is present and in the parishes and centers bearing the name of Saint Pedro Poveda, we remember with special gratitude his priestly ministry, so central in his life and so fruitful for the Church and society.

We join in the desire expressed by Bishop Ginés Beltrán and we also join the dioceses where there are parishes or chapels with the name of Saint Pedro Poveda. His remains are venerated in the chapel that takes its name in Santa Maria of Los Negrales, Madrid.