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The works of 373 authors become public domain, including those of Pedro Poveda


MADRID, Spain.
The National Library of Spain has published an index of authors whose written work becomes public domain after eighty years since their death, as of January 1, 2017.  Among them is Pedro Poveda.

Several media such as El Pais, the digital newspaper Salamanca 24 horas, El Confidencial, among others, have echoed the information published by the National Library of Spain which states: "In 2017 the work of authors who died in 1936, the year of the outbreak of the civil war, becomes public domain. The Public Library of Spain, as it has done in recent years, has been working on the selection and digitization of authors who died during this tragic year and can now be freely disseminated under the Intellectual Property Law.”

In order to do so, the Public Library had the advice of José Carlos Mainer, Professor at the University of Zaragoza, who said: "the memory of our civil war must make present what that conflict was as a cultural catastrophe, regardless of retrospective identifications with their authors. In the twisted international climate of the 1930s, the Spanish civil war was, among other things, a bloody confrontation of antagonistic cultural symbologies that advocated their mutual destruction."

According to Mainer, "remembering the cast of the dead in the first six months of the civil war brings us closer to the tragedy that lasted two and a half more years and which, in Franco-dominated Spain, after 1939, did not cease to increase  the number of death sentences, persecutions, purges, and imprisonments for ideological reasons."

The work of Pedro Poveda, along with that of authors such as Lorca, Valle-Inclán, Ramiro de Maeztu, Muñoz Seca, Rufino Blanco and Miguel de Unamuno is digitalized (largely) and made publicly available on the website  of Spain’s National Library.

For several years this entity has digitized the work of authors who become public domain every year.

Also the Public Library has announced that throughout 2017 it will present a portal dedicated to writers related to Spanish literature.  In it there will be a space dedicated to authors who died in 1936,  including a brief overview of their life and work in order to highlight the uniqueness of each of them.

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