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Forums on Education in this time of pandemic


A large group of young teachers and university professors joined the webinar to share good educational practices and approaches in the country in this pandemic situation that imposes intensive use of technology and online teaching. It was the second forum organized by the Poveda Center for Educators Formation (PCEF) and the Circle of Discernment.

sentence forumOn August 7th, the Circle of Discernment and the Poveda Center for Educators Formation (PCEF) jointly organized the second online forum on Education with the theme “Effective Online Pedagogical Approaches in Times of Pandemic”, which was attended via internet by 280 participants.

The first initiative, having the theme “Situation of Education in the Country, Highlighting Hopes, Concerns and the Impact of Initiatives in the Educational System during the Pandemic” took place on May 22nd with 70 attendees.

High motivation

ponentes aduc forumThis second Forum had the clear objective of disseminating Povedan Pedagogy to the largest possible number of teachers outside the Teresian Association and making the figure of Pedro Poveda and the Teresian Association more known.

With a highly motivated and dedicated technical planning and coordination team, the unconditional support of the Circle of Discernment members and the Association, and the use of digital technology, the two-hour webinar was a success and was much appreciated, as seen from the positive evaluation made by the attendees and the fact that the registrations for the same reached more than 500, although many could not join due to technical problems and poor access to the Internet.

These people mostly young teachers and university professors have come from all over the country, and several from outside the Philippines, representing 153 public and private schools / institutions. Once the forum was over, all the videos of the entire event were sent to all those who registered, and the Certificate of Attendance to those who participated. Indeed, this bodies well for the near future, especially in relation to our current educational projects and efforts, specifically related to PCEF.

gran participnts philip forum

Circle of Discenrment

The Circle of Discernment is a group of members of the Teresian Association in the Philippines that was formed in early September 2020, with the following objectives:

  • Cultivate a greater awareness of the current social, cultural, political, and economic situation of our country, through study, reflection, and debate on current issue.
  • Exercise in critical thinking and the spirit of discernment.
  • Allow ourselves to be affected by the present reality, as to move us to concrete action, either individually through profession / occupation or in collaboration with others.

The work methodology consists of study and personal reflection, and the sharing of reference materials for a specified time, e.g. one month; then an online discussion of members′ views, opinions and perspectives on the subject in group chat, and finally a virtual meeting of the entire group preferably with an invited expert on the subject. In this last phase, TA members or friends are invited to participate. So far, four online encounters with guest experts have been held with the following topics:

  1. The Draft Constitution on Federalism in the Philippines of 2018 vis-a-vis the current Philippine Constitution of 1987;
  2. The Anti-Terrorism Law of 2020;
  3. The Philippine Economy Today: Government Steps to Combat Poverty, Unemployment, and Inadequate Infrastructure;
  4. The Situation of Education in the Philippines in the New Normal.

Nenita Tenefrancia, Manila.


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