Monday, 24 June 2019 11:38

America's Socio-educational Proposal opens a virtual centre


The virtual centre with the documentation, online resources and materials of the Socio-educational Proposal of America is now opened and accessible to a broad audience.

Vera María Candau, of the Socio-educational Proposal Advisory Commission, has written from Rio de Janeiro a letter announcing the creation of the Virtual Documentation Centre (CDV) of the Socio-educational Proposal (PSE) Educating in Difficult Times.

The Virtual Documentation Centre (CDV) of the PSE, contains, at present, around one thousand documents kept in three different formats: word, pdf and video. These documents are organized in two categories: Seminars and Stages and How the PSE developed?

inicioThe home page (clic on the photo) is open to everyone and on it, scrolling down, you can also find, among other things, key publications and links to Children Congress from 2005 to 2018.

To access the documents you have to register on the web. Please see a help video with guide to do yoir registration: pointout

All members of the Teresian Association can register as subscribers, as well as those collaborators of the schools, social projects and higher education centrres. Once registered, you can access the documents produced in the Seminars, both for reading and downloading.

The Socio-educational Proposal of the Teresian Association, Educating in difficult times, is the outcome of a process arised in 1998 from the needs felt by the different schools and Social Projects of the Teresian Association in Latin America. It is a space and a collaborative process to systematize socio-educational practices and advance in the analysis of the reality of each context from a christian perspective, responding through education. Around this proposal has flourished a Movement of educators (Movimiento de educadores y educadoras) who live their vocation inspired on the povedan roots and adheres to the Letter of principles (Carta de principios) of the Proposal.



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