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IntegraTed, a project to educate, include and integrate


InteRed, an NGO promoted by the TA, has developed a pilot program in Spain for the inclusion of young migrants between 12 and 18 years of age who attend Middle or Secondary School in Madrid.

The project, funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund of the European Union, is called IntegratEd and was presented on Wednesday June 19th at the European Parliament delegation in Spain with the assistance of education authorities, teaching staff of the participating centers, and young mentors.actoenMadrid

Students, teachers and families

InteRed has carried out this experience with teachers, students and families for the academic year 2018-2019 in Madrid, in three schools with a high percentage of migrant students. See the cover of the comic produced with the title Building bridges, no walls! You can access to it, in Spanish, by clicking on the image.image003

As part of this project, InteRed has designed a "Model of educational support" for children from third world countries, which includes the figure of a peer mentor, teacher training and workshops with families.

Newcomer students from third world countries are assigned a mentor student whom they can consult when they need it, in areas such as linguistic, academic, emotional support, etc. Each educational center has selected between 5 and 7 young people of migrant origin who have also served as mentors of other migrant students who have recently joined the classroom, to support them in their inclusion process in the center.

Teachers have been offered training in intercultural education, development of educational policies for the integration of diversity, tolerance, respect for the differences within the school, and also how to better communicate with the families of students from third world countries.

With the families of the minors from third countries, workshops have been held to involve them in the school's educational policies, as well as to combat stereotypes and prejudices.

Reduce school dropout

As a result, it is expected to improve performance and decrease the school dropout rate among young people from third countries. It is also expected that parents may be more involved in the education of their sons and daughters and improve their knowledge of the educational system of the country. Among the teachers, it tries to promote a greater attention to the diversity, the inclusion and the intercultural competences.

Within the requirements of the program, InteRed has produced a report that, among its recommendations, highlights the need to train students and teachers in global citizenship competencies and equip them with skills to rethink education from a transformative practice and an intercultural approach, as a way to respond to the growing diversity already existing in the classrooms and in our society.

InteRed web site.

Information: Departamento de Comunicación, InteRed.
Translation: C. Zabalegui and R. Cameron.



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