Thursday, 13 June 2019 14:29

Mothers and fathers attend a special congress on children upbringing

LEÓN, Guanajuato, México

In this city, where the Teresian Association is present, mothers and fathers attended the Congress “I embrace the upbringing of my children and my community”.

salon deactosThe sessions of the Congress took place in the facilities of the Imagina Cultural Centre, lent up to us for the event. It is very close to the area in which the Pedro Poveda Dondé Educational Centre is located.

Through presentations and dynamics, these topics were discussed:

  • The risks that our children live in their environment;
  • Violence in the environment and citizenship;
  • I embrace the upbringing of my offspring;
  • Masculinity and adolescence.

They also held sessions by groups to dialogue and other proper activities of a formative event.

A total of 370 parents and mothers attended. Members of the Orozco Arena family, donors of the School, and the Minister of Social and Human Development where present at some acts.

Mothers and fathers were grateful for the meeting, 80 per cent consider that the training they receive at school helps them to be trainers of their daughters and sons; they are given elements to understand and guide them; 75 per cent would not be able to cover the costs to attend a similar Congress. Each participant received a certificate of attendance and when they came on the following Monday to pick it up, they showed their gratitude for what they had been able to learn.

We offer a video with images of some sessions and special moments.

Recently, the 1st of June, the film POVEDA was screened in the same population with the assistance of 254 parents. They express their gratitude to the founder of the Teresian Association for his "idea" of which they also feel part and beneficiaries.

Information from: Cecilia Villalva, México.



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