Tuesday, 21 May 2019 09:38

More than 300 teachers attending a training session

GUNGU, DR of Congo

More than three hundred teachers attended a training session in which the TA team in Kikwit participated collaborating with the diocesan Commission of Education.

The Victoria Diez Center in Kikwit has been collaborating for the past few years with the Christian Education Commission of the Diocese. The activities of the Commission often take place in the city of Kikwit, but there is always an effort to also go out to missions and remote villages that do not have the possibility of being trained.

This year, during Holy Week, we went to Gungu, a village 120 kms from Kikwit. Teachers, professors and directors of Catholic schools in a radius of about 100 kms were invited to participate. We expected a group of about 100 people, but 327 persons attended coming from 84 schools.

The program offered was a reflection on the family, following the exhortation of the pope "The joy of love" and the presentation of the Religion programs in Primary and Secondary schools. In addition to this training, which has been highly valued by the participants, the conference ended with a text of the former archbishop of Kananga, Bakole Wa Ilunga: "Stand up and walk," which was welcomed by the teachers as a currency for Catholic schools. The text invites us to overcome difficulties and to commit ourselves, with the strength of Jesus, even if others don’ do it.

Something more than an anecdote

We have to say that on the way there, the car lent by the parish had a breakdown; it was at night, everyone had to sleep on the road, and at 4 o'clock in the morning the two trainers of the Commission and the parish priest began to walk towards the mission in order not to arrive late for the beginning of the opening session, and thinking of all the people who had come from far away and were waiting for them.

Everyone finished very happy - teachers and formators. All the efforts had been worth it.

Text: Manuela Gómez, Kikwit.
Translation: C. Zabalegui and R. Cameron.



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