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Third Meeting of former students of the Teresian Association in Equatorial Guinea

MALABO, Equatorial Guinea.
In the afternoon of Sunday, May 6, 2018, at Our Lady of Africa School in Malabo, the Third Encounter of former students of the Teresian Association in Equatorial Guinea was held, with the theme "United to do good!." This makes reference to a phrase of Saint Pedro Poveda.


Former students of the Teresian Association (TA) got together with the novelty of the integration of former students of San Francisco Javier de Nkué School, a dicesan school that had been directed by the Teresian Association from 1993 -2010. Some 54 people from the Our Lady of Africa School and from Nkué participated. A large group of teachers accompanied them, and they also enjoyed this day.

The members of the Permanent Commission from the Second Encounter held in 2017, had committed to carry out the following objectives:

  • Convoke and prepare Alumni Meetings
  • Offer different formative, celebrative and ludic experiences to continue growing together, always starting from the sharing of experiences.
  • Transmit the experience of faith with a respectful attitude towards all spiritual experiences.  
  • Act as an information link among the alumni, Our Lady of Africa School, and the TA.
  • Make Our Lady of Africa School better known.


They had also decided to repeat the motto "United to do good," words of St. Pedro Poveda that call for fraternity, to be bold and lucid in the commitment to the reality of Equatorial Guinea today.

"Love fraternity: be united to do good, for your mutual improvement, to assist each other in every respect. In this mutual love you will find security, light, ease, consolation. The example of the early Christians, who had, according to the Acts of the Apostles "one heart and soul, and ... everything they owned was held in common" (Acts 4:32) must be the norm to which you adjust your conduct." (St. Pedro Poveda)


The coordinators of the Permanent Commission, Luis Nguema Engonga, Dolores Lopelo Góbena, and Eulogio Ricoso Liko led the meeting. Participants were presented by groups mentioning the theme of their classes and expressing opinions, concerns, and the values they received in their respective schools.


The participants thanked the teachers for their affection, closeness, and support during their formative years. In addition, they presented their evaluation in writing on a large flip chart where they described the meeting as very interesting, incredible, great, fun, exciting, enriching, special, unforgettable, incomparable, and fantastic.

0526-2It was a sharing of experiences, good memories, and learning that helps to keep going forward. One of the participants said: "I love this: relationship, group, humor, achievement, effort, humility, ... and this school has all of this. I love it. Thank you."

For the former students of Malabo and Nkué, it was a great surprise to feel like "a single family" where they could recognize the same values ​​in the education they received.

Two members of the ACIT Association, Albina Boneke Belope and Victoria Biribé Riloha, shared their life testimony within the Teresian Association family and their mission in society.

Cornelio Tung Mangue, a former student of Vocational Training, shared his experience as "autonomous" (although he preferred to be called "entrepreneur") in a country that does not offer employment opportunities to its young people and where there are no incentives to support new initiatives. He runs a multi-service office company.

Laura Serpe, civil servant of the Ministry of Information and Press and also a former student of Vocational Training, shared about her career and the position she holds, with its difficulties and successes. Both former students indicated a journey along this never easy path to realize dreams with realism of effort, failures, and the excitement of being able to live their professional experience.

Rain also visited us and could not do sports because the ground was too slippery, but everyone participated in a fun time with several cooperative games. This family of Alumni continues to grow not only in number, but also in involvement.

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