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Bana ya Poveda Center in Congo continues making progress

Installation of the new Children’s Committee Installation of the new Children’s Committee

KINSHASA, Democratic Republic of Congo.
Jacinthe Nkongolo writes about Bana ya Poveda Center, in Kinshasa, which welcomes minors in situations of marginalization and vulnerability. This information is about some of their latest actions, such as the installation of the Children’s Committee.

The Children's Committee is an organization of the Center that favors active and effective participation in reflection, decision-making and management of everything that affects the children. They learn values ​​such as self-respect and respect for others, the defense of the common good, consensus, dialogue and knowing how to resign, giving up power.


The children of this Committee are divided into 8 subcommittees: Welcoming, Building, Warehouse, Kitchen, "Ecole de dévoirs," Mediation, Fruit Trees, and Environment and Sports. At the head of each subcommittee there is a person in charge and an assistant. Both are democratically elected by all children.

The Committee is renewed every year around the anniversary of the birthday of St. Pedro Poveda, on December 3, the Center's feast day. The Chair of the Committee works in close collaboration with the heads of the subcommittees and an educator who liaises between the Committee and the Center's Educational Team.

At the ceremony of the Committee’s installation, the members receive a medal with the image of Saint Pedro Poveda: a symbol to exercise power as a service and according to the Poveda’s style. This is stated before receiving the medal.

Among other activities, Karate and theater workshops are offered, which favor a good channeling of energies, as well as order, discipline, and harmony.

In the last feast of the patron saint of the Center, the children expressed the following about Pedro Poveda: "he welcomed all the children;" "he wanted all marginalized children to return to being people with their rights, which we should all respect;" "he wanted communication between the rich and the poor;" "and a good collaboration between them;" "he gave clothes to the needy;" "he built schools for the poor;" "we say thanks because, thanks to you and your Work, we are becoming people."



The current team of the Center says: "we are happy, we want to share this joy with the entire Teresian Association, and at the same time express our gratitude for this project, in which you have collaborated and continue to support it in different ways. We want to highlight the special contribution of Maribel Sancho and others who, for several years, laid the foundations for the Center and now we reap the fruits and continue working.

May the originality provided by St. Pedro Poveda continue to nourish our hope in all the places where we are, especially at this time of Christmas and in the new year."

Information: Jacinthe Nkongolo




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