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Families and schools in difficult times

LIMA, Peru.
A seminar on "Families and Schools in Difficult Times" took place in Lima, Peru, on September 30, facilitated by the Socio-Educational Proposal of the Teresian Association (SEP) in America.


The proposal was created by the SEP Commission in Peru, with the aim of creating a space for reflection and dialogue on the current challenges of families and schools in the context of global transformations.

The seminar was sponsored by Ruiz de Montoya University, UNESCO, Lima office, the Guadix Cultural Center, and Isabel Flores de Oliva School, which hosted the seminar with the participation of more than a hundred educators.

The objectives of the seminar were:1030-1

◦ To recognize the complexity and contradictions experienced by Peruvian families, their effects and repercussions on schools and society, as well as the accompaniment required by educators (family - school), children and adolescents, in their process of humanization.

◦ To value fraternal and family ties and relationships in an integral human development.

◦ To generate family spaces that promote respect, dialogue and mutual recognition; democratic participation, experience of ethical values, and the development of spirituality and solidarity.

◦ To strengthen the Family-School partnership in favor of the development and well-being of persons and of society.

Educators from public and private schools of Lima participated. They highlighted the importance of spaces such as this seminar to help them deepen into relevant topics.

Society in Peru is marked by violence, especially violence against women, corruption at all social levels and discrimination on ethnic, cultural and other grounds. We assumed the responsibility to open spaces that help become aware of this reality, strengthen the social role of schools, the importance of the teacher to face these challenges, and deepen into topics such as intercultural dialogue, gender equity, human rights and global democracy. 



The themes were: "Relationships between families and schools and their repercussions in society," "Families and school joining efforts," "Applications of educational neuroscience," "Towards gender equity in families and school," "Who sends whom," "Resolution of conflicts within the family," "Use of social networks and their influences in family and school relationships," "New family configurations," and "Systemization in the family."  María Rosa Elosúa de Juan, Professor of UNED-Spain, spoke on "Applications of educational neuroscience to the the family and the school."

The TA is aware of the importance of the education of people dedicated to education in diverse fields. along this line, the seminar has opened new paths for debate and dialogue.


Información: Elizabeth Guerrero, desde Perú



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