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Pedro Poveda’s educational proposal: A methodology for our time

ROME, Italy.
During a meeting on the Educational Proposal of Pedro Poveda at the headquarters of the Teresian Association in Rome, Margarita Bartolomé Pina presented a volume of the Critical Edition of the writings of Poveda, "Essays and Pedagogical Projects."

IMG 2276On May 20, Margarita Bartolomé Pina, Professor at the University of Barcelona and ​​author of this volume, explained the work of a Critical Edition and made a brief presentation of the content of the book, categorizing the documents into six stages. She then highlighted some aspects of Poveda's Educational Proposal:

Given the political situation in Spain at the beginning of the 20th century and the secularist propaganda against Catholic teaching, Pedro Poveda's attention was focused mainly on teaching, which he considered a fundamental instrument for changing society. Teaching is not simply a transmission of knowledge, but holistic education of the person.

Placing ourselves into the educational and social action in Guadix. (1902-1905), we point out two points that may give us an idea of ​​Poveda's pedagogical view:

1) A determined sensitivity to the social issue. In his way of acting we discover how to approach populations at the risk of exclusion: identify the recipients of the action; understand reality from within; place people at the center of the project; develop a comprehensive plan of action and always have social cohesion in the foreground.

2) A love that expresses itself out of the paradigm of tenderness. It recognizes the dignity and, at the same time, the fragility of each person. It welcomes their needs and takes care of them. It also welcomes their potentialities and culture. A love that is self-giving and shares life.

The author continued to answer the question: How does Poveda understand education? 

a.The personal and social dimension of education. Ángeles Galino, a pioneer in the study of Poveda's pedagogical texts, defined education as we find it in the writings of this author. "Educating will be a helping relationship, which in the same movement aspires to serve people and society."

b. Holistic education. It welcomes the whole person and all his/her aspects.

c. "I ask you for a new system," Love. Poveda's texts reflect the author's concern with expressing the core of education: "I ask you for a new system, a new methodology, procedures as new as those inspired by love."

Love - already recognized in his writings before 1910 - is "the driving force of humanity."

On Saturday, May 27, Daniela Corinaldesi completed this reflection on the Pedagogy of Poveda with the presentation of the book "Progettualitá socio-educativa. Tempi e Luoghi," by Anna Mª Donnarumma, an interpretative reading of “Alrededor de un Proyecto." 

This is a contemprary reading of nine articles written by Poveda in the maturation process of his pedagogical thinking.

The author re-reads some key words and decodes the meaning of these terms by reading them in the original text or through other later writings of Poveda in successive periods.

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