Tuesday, 13 June 2017 00:00

New classroom for children with special educational needs

MALABO, Equatorial Guinea.

"San Pedro Poveda makes me dream and, again, here in Malabo. My dreams awaken: attend to children with special educational needs," says Mª Dolores Moreno Medina, when sharing about the experience.

0612-1"The only school in the whole country that attends to these children is the one of the Teresian Association, Our Lady of Africa School. There is such a demand that there is a long waiting list," she explains. The need is growing.

Mª Dolores Moreno goes on with the story: "The opportunity emerged, with the help of some friends, to provide a classroom to start working with these children. The financial donation from someone in Spain and the professional advice of Puri Infantes made this possible. It was necessary to hurry, to summon the parents, to look for teachers, to prepare materials. Everything had to be ready to start having a first contact with the children and formally enroll them in the next academic year.


Thus, for a month we started the experience so that these children may get up with the joy of going to school, like their siblings or friends, and prepare their backpacks. There are 11 children aged between 4 and 14 in the same classroom. They do not care about the age difference. They know how to take care of each other. And our objectives were fulfilled: that they start their education, that we may begin to know them and to learn about their needs.

Since music and psychomotor activity are so important for all children, and especially for these, Olga has also embarked in this adventure and she goes to the school twice a week. The children love to move and sing, relax, appreciate music and draw. Without a doubt, the next academic year will be a challenge."

Mª Dolores Moreno Medina yand Olga Mª Toro Egea, from Malabo



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