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Thursday, 25 May 2017 00:00

Malabo: United to do good

MALABO, Equatorial Guinea.
On May 6, Our Lady of Africa Center in Malabo opened its doors to celebrate the Second Gathering of Alumni with the theme "United to do good" in a festive and welcoming atmosphere.

0522-4About one hundred people from different generations participated in the event, even though they had to deal with a traffic problem in the city and, later with rain and wind.

The theme, "United to do good," is taken from Saint Pedro Poveda’s words to call people to live in fellowship, to have courage and a clear vision in their commitment to the reality of Equatorial Guinea today.

Love fraternity, be united to do good, for your own growth, to help each other in every way. In this mutual love you will find assurance, lights, ease, and comfort. The example of the Early Christians who had [...] one heart and one soul, who held everything in common, should be the norm for your conduct.
San Pedro Poveda

Former students Felicitas and Desiderio were the facilitators of the meeting, which began with a greeting from Izaskun Marañón, Director of the morning section of Our Lady of Africa school, and Ana Velázquez, Director of Vocational Training and Assistant Principal.

During the day, they reviewed the events that celebrated the 75 years of presence of the Teresian Association in Equatorial Guinea. They also awarded diplomas to students who finished their Vocational Training through an online course offered by the University of Malaga in collaboration with InteRed.


Then the participants shared in small groups what they had learned in school. Some of the expressions were as follows:

  • Be recognized by our actions.
  • Have self-control.
  • Be competent and supportive.
  • Unity and collaboration in our work environment.
  • Learn to be a person.
  • Appreciate everyone and recognize each one's gifts; everyone counts.
  • Work as a team.
  • Spirit of fellowship.
  • Know how to speak in public and be autonomous.

They appreciated the education received: academic, wholesome, spiritual and with values, as well as the challenges, patience and good advice from teachers. Together they affirmed that "thanks to the education received, we find employment and stability." Thus, they encouraged everyone to go on: Dare to dream!

Although the rain and wind did not allow the games that had been prepared, the day concluded with refreshments and an invitation to watch the film POVEDA on June 3.


Several participants expressed their desire to belong to the Standing Committee of Alumni and to collaborate and/or participate in activities of study and reflection on their reality, prayer, volunteering and support the activities and projects of the Teresian Association. As a souvenir, everyone received a notebook with the logo of the meeting.