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Wednesday, 10 May 2017 00:00

Recognition of Ana Mª Saborido Gómez in Coria del Río, Seville.

CORIA DEL RÍO, Seville, Spain.
On March 16, the wish of a large group of former students of Ana Mª Saborido Gómez was fulfilled: seeing the name of their teacher immortalized in a public place approved by the City Council of Coria del Río, Seville, a city where she had served as Principal.

0508-1The mayor of Coria del Río explained that the proposal of recognition had been promoted "by her former students and beneficiaries of her educational and social work, which went beyond her job." It was debated and approved in a plenary session in May 2015.

Ana Mª Saborido Gómez served as Principal of Miguel de Cervantes School between 1949 and 1966. Her students shared very fond memories after more than fifty years.  They saw her as someone with a great capacity to organize, with great ideas and projects.

She educated hundreds of children from shacks, caves, and other marginalized areas ... and made sure that no child would be unschooled.  She organized a school dining room and provided food for many children. 

Her reputation as a great teacher crossed all social borders and soon children form all social strata attended her school. Children of merchants, media professionals, officials and teachers mingled with the children of farm workers, grocers, etc. and a social process began to take place. 


Since 1974 till 2010 other members of the Teresian Association held public positions in schools of Coria del Rio. Throughout the years, a Youth Movement and groups of the Teresian Association developed. They collaborated in Catechesis and Caritas of the parish. The Victoria Díez Cultural Center, dedicated to the advancement of women, was created in 1994, and this activity is still alive today.

Information provided by Concha Díez de la Cortina