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Thursday, 05 April 2018 00:00

Experience in UN- New York

New York, U.S.A. 
On Jan. 29-Feb 2, 2018, at the UN headquarters in NY. Maite Uribe, President of the Teresian Association and Emma Melgarejo, member of the Governing Council, attended the 56th session of the ECOSOC Commission for Social Development to achieve sustainable development for all.

0405-2The session focused on challenges and opportunities for social policy to eradicate poverty of the following social groups:  the elderly, the persons with disabilities and the youth.

In a written statement submitted for this session in support of the world action plan for the youth, Maite underscored the adverse effects of youth unemployment as a challenge in the eradication of poverty among young people and the need for joint actions of governments and civil society to address this challenge for both young people living not only in isolated rural regions as the plan emphasized but also for those, increasing in numbers, living in poverty stricken urban settings.

Further, the statement calls for the empowerment of the youth to be active actors and participants in different platforms where decisions affecting their future and that of the world are held. It encourages opportunities of relevant formation and preparation for employment through apprenticeships and internships as well as experiences of mobility and volunteerism where dialogue is forged, and intergenerational initiatives   in the promotion intercultural understanding and world peace.

Simultaneous side events held on thematic issues are interesting features of UN.   We participated in a side event on Global Compact on Migration, an issue with which the Association has taken interest and involvement particularly following the UN call in 2017 for NGOs to be involved in the drafting of the Global Compact document.  Here, the moral voice of civil society rings loud, as advocates representing the world constituency, bringing issues of human concern to the attention of the political body of sovereign states present in the United Nations.

Our attendance in the 56th Session of the ECOSOC on sustainable social development was an occasion to have an in-situ grasp of the organization, dynamics of participation and networking in the UN. It was impressive to be one with members of civil society together, the passion for peace, for justice, for inclusion is felt in an stronger way as is  the need to come together to have a concerted voice as advocates of humanitarian causes through the power of networking.

In this group, the Teresian Association, small as it may be, adds its voice with those whose advocacy are akin to ours, through our participation in stakeholders meetings at NY and in Geneva, our written endorsements of initiatives in support of human rights and sustainable development, especially the right to quality education for all, and lately, our delivery of five oral and written statements addressing member states on issues of migration.

As an organization of professional people and educators entrenched in the mission of human development, it is just but fitting that the Teresian Association be actively present within the network of concerned citizens and groups as a collective moral voice  in this world organization originally created to promote peace and to uphold human rights for all. And, from these perspectives we continue to affirm the meaning and the value of our institutional presence at the United Nations.

Emma Melgarejo