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Saturday, 08 April 2017 00:00

New book in Spanish: "Las páginas más bellas de Josefa Segovia"

MADRID, Spain.
The Spanish book titled “Las páginas más bellas de Josefa Segovia,” (The most beautiful pages of Josefa Segovia), coordinated by María Rosa Elosúa de Juan and published by Fonte Monte Carmelo, is ready for purchase.

This is a collection of texts written by Maria Josefa Segovia Morón, selected by eight authors from Brazil (Lúcia Pedrosa-Pádua), Democratic Republic of the Congo (Jacinthe Nkongolo), Spain (María Rita Martín Artacho, Carmen Azaustre Serrano, Consuelo Flecha García, and Maria Rosa Elosúa de Juan), Portugal (Maria Alice Rocha Pereira) and Taiwan (Agosh Librea Latina).

The book's back cover reads: "The purpose of this book is to make known some of the most beautiful pages of the spirituality of Josefa Segovia, a woman of the twentieth century who knew how to open new paths to lay people in the Church, making alive the charism of the Teresian Association. Love of study, knowledge, and formation were constant themes throughout her life as inescapable demands of a commitment to the evangelizing mission.

In this book, several authors who are familiar with the life and spirituality of Josefa Segovia present us with some elements of the historical context of her life, study and work, and they offer a selection of texts that show us the extent to which her spirituality is part of the daily task of all those people who want to give flavor to their lives with the salt of the Gospel.

At this time of human history, when we seek to live a spirituality that values ​​all the dimensions of the human person, our affectivity, our capacity for reflection, our creativity, our openness to transcendence and our desire to commit in solidarity to a more just and society, the person of Josefa Segovia, presented through this publication, can be of great help to make known the power of a deeply human life that belongs wholly to God.”

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