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Meals without haste / Le repas qui prend son temps


PARIS, France.
Several times a year the doors of Espace Poveda (Poveda’s Space) of the Teresian Association in Paris open to a proposal that they have called "Repas qui prend son temps" (Meals without haste).

The idea was born out of a desire to respond from the heart to current needs. The proposal is to offer people of different ages, cultures, social status, and nationalities the possibility of meeting in a family atmosphere. Come without haste to share the table. For some it means to get out of isolation and for others to pause in the fast pace of life.

A theme is set in advance and a lunch is prepared with care. Fellowship is the best delicacy.

On Sunday, March 12, "Le repas qui prend son temps" brought together 38 people from Belgium, Italy, Algeria, Lebanon, Syria, Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Singapore, and different regions of France.

The tables were organized so that it was possible to see the greatest number of faces and thus get to know their personal life stories, full of diverse experiences. One of the guests said that he was born in Moscow, had an engineering degree from Beijing and now he is French ... As time goes on and conversations start, the tone of voice increases, laughter is heard, listening is obvious, and the joy of sharing life is noticeable.

This time the theme was Paris: Paris as hometown, Paris as a host city, Paris as a city of adoption. Paris as a cosmopolitan capital, a city of contrasts with its rich and poor neighborhoods, its immense cultural wealth and shacks within a few kilometers; luxurious hotels and people who sleep on the street ...

After the meal, while having coffee, participants took pictures, sang songs to the piano, recited poems… The shared memories were very different according to the experiences lived by each one, such as feeling welcome, rejected, or always foreign.

This project, "Repas qui prends are temps," is meant to be "an invitation to leave our comfort zones to make the field of possibilities bigger… In a world that is full of barriers, prohibitions, and convention... This can be a way to open ourselves to the newness of the Spirit.. to  the urgent invitation to respond to the signs of the times," as written by Maite Uribe, President of the Teresian Association, in her letter titled "Audacity and clarity of vision."


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