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Evaluation and planning of Nuevamérica/Novamerica Magazine


LIMA, Peru. 

As every year,  the Editorial Board of Nuevamerica / Novamerica Magazine met for evaluation, planning and dissemination of the magazine. The meeting took place from September 8-10 Lima, Peru.

The participants were members of the Board from Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Mexico and Uruguay; in addition to Susana Sacavino, Director of the magazine, and Adelia Koff, Editorial and Graphical Coordinator. The Director of the Teresian Association in Peru, Berta de la Portilla and ACIT President, Consuelo Denegri, attended some of the sessions.


This year the Editorial Board celebrated 40 years of the magazine, from 1976 to 2016. They recalled different stages, the first stage in Argentina and then in Brazil; the implication of local communities of the Teresian Association and collaborators committed to its vision and mission. They recognized the trajectory of this publication which was born in times of dictatorships, accompanied the processes to return to democracy, and today it seeks to generate thought on the construction of citizenship, respect for human rights and the responsibility of governments for the care of these rights in each country.

When going over the history of these years, the objectives of this publication gained strength as it seeks to:

  • Collaborate in building a more just, fraternal and democratic society from the perspective of Christian liberation. Be a means of expression and communication that encourages dialogue.
  • Contribute, from Latin America and the Caribbean, to a dialogue between faith-culture-justice; be a channel of exchange, critical reflection on issues, share experiences, thoughts, proposals and suggestions from individuals and groups in different countries.
  • Support social movements that strengthen civil society, promote human rights and the affirmation of the different identities present in the continent.
  • Provide alternative ways to build integration in solidarity between different cultures and countries.

Each year offers themes that refer to the identity, cultural and social diversity of Latin American and Caribbean cultures. It is published quarterly. Currently the magazine is published in two forms: paper and in digital format. It has 1,710 subscribers from 37 countries of four continents. It reached 1,195 subscribers from 31 countries in 2015. 

The evaluation of the published numbers consisted in identifying positive aspects of the journal in the current year, as well as aspects that need to be improved. They reflected on the editorial quality of each item and the graphical design. In relation to the numbers published in the past year, they noted the relevance of the topics and the graphic composition. There is a need to continue efforts to increase the number of subscribers.

Planning the issues of the magazine each year requires first looking at the reality of the Latin American and Caribbean context, the problems faced, the attempts to solutions in different countries, new issues emerging as challenges. A list is drawn up, and thematic coincidences are sought. Each issue addresses the educational dimension. The issues each year are dedicated to to education, socio-political issues, and the cultural heritage and identity of our peoples.

The themes for 2017 are:

  • No. 153: Systematization of educational experiences that support reflection and work of the Socio-Educational Proposition Proposal "Educating in Difficult Times" of the Teresian Association in America
  • No. 154: Urban mobility, accessibility and quality of life
  • No. 155: Migration and Human Rights
  • No. 156: Religious Cultural Heritage

For each topic, members of the Board collaborate from their country of origin, and look for possible writers. In accordance with the regulations of the magazine, they keep a balance between countries and languages (Portuguese and Spanish).

In addition to the evaluation, planning and celebration of the 40 years of the magazine, the participants visited some places that show the cultural, political and social identities of Peru.

The next meeting will be in Chile, from September 7-9, 2017.

María del Rosario Alves Esteves, Member of the Board in Uruguay

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