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A Culture of Care - Conversations

DUBLIN. Ireland

Our Easter journey was preceded by three online conversations on the social encyclical Laudato Si’ (LS) entitled “A Culture of Care” with Jane Mellett who is actively involved in spreading the message of the encyclical. She is the LS Officer with Trócaire, the international development agency of the Catholic Church in Ireland, the equivalent of Caritas in many countries She is also a member of the LS Working Group-Ireland.

Relationality and interbeing1

bosque luminosoThe conversations kicked off with the spirituality and mysticism of Laudato Si': our interconnectedness and interdependence, our ‘familial’ relationship in the web of life. If everything is interconnected, we are called to dare to be ‘painfully’ aware of what is happening in a spirit of this kinship (the focus of Conversation 2) and find ways and rediscover creatively what each of us can do cultivating a culture of care starting from small and practical things in daily life (Conversation 3).

What stood out could be captured in these lines:

“Constant and attentive listening leads in turn to effective care for the earth, our common home, and our brothers and sisters in need.” LS 15

“We must all cooperate; it’s not just one person here while the others only come along. Everyone has their place, their duty, their responsibility.”  Pedro Poveda

We need “a compass capable of pointing out a common direction and ensuring a more humane future.” Pope Francis, World Day of Peace 2021.

We were delighted to see TA members joining from different parts of the world and new faces beyond the TA family circle who responded to the invitation.

Here are some feedback we received

Edita Chico, New York, USA, says:

“First of all I was very grateful to be part of that beautiful and reflective conversation. I found it very much attuned to our world situation at this time of the pandemic. It made me realize that I have the responsibility to be sensitive and attentive to the needs of my next door neighbour. I even realized how much I am connected with nature in my  own home with my different kinds of flower bearing plants… they were looking very beautiful, good and healthy. I water them and they give me oxygen, beauty and joy... I saw the beauty of culture of care in my own home.”

Closer to home, Gabrielle Lowe in Dublin was struck by the word interconnectedness whose meaning in this context became clear for her in a special way:

tierra desde a luna“A parallel was drawn between St Francis of Assisi's concern for nature, justice for the poor and different faith groups now walking together in the movement to care for the earth. The conversations showed us how we can all play a part.  ‘Fall in love with the earth’ and ‘ecological spirituality’ are phrases I remember and have started to put into practise.”

Fina Bello who joined us from Valencia (Spain):

“I am very happy I attended the sessions on "Laudato Si’ conversations, A Culture of Care" and I am truly grateful to the organisers in Dublin for this valuable opportunity. It was indeed enlightening, inspiring, challenging and life-changing. Reflecting on it, I  can see the importance of care for our common home  and the need for an urgent answer to the ecological crisis.”

We are truly grateful for the presence and contribution of all participants and attendees from UK, Spain, US, Canada and of course Ireland.

Capable of more

Nature is alive. This is an incarnational living system that we live amidst. It is a source of life, of generativity, of fecundity.2 Harnessing the momentum and energy of our faith response to both the beauty and wonder of our Earth community and at the same time, the urgency of the climate emergency: exploring, deepening, contemplating, Laudato Si’ continues to speak to us. Critical as going forward as one human family caring for our common home, we are called to do more. This is our planetary moment. Can we take this challenge?

To revisit the recorded sessions click on the titles:

Session 1 The Spirituality and Mysticism of Laudato Si Passcode: +gg2+Qs%

Session 2 To be ‘painfully aware’ of what is happening Passcode: no code needed

Session 3 What we can do. Living the spirit of Laudato Si as sisters and brothers  Passcode: Cy55%9&iview from Killiney Hill

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Matet Gayondato and Catherine Boylan.
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[1] O'Brien, Barbara. (2020, August 26). Interbeing. Retrieved from Learn Religions.

[2] “Mary Evelyn Tucker & John Grim discuss Laudato Si: The Cry of the Earth, The Cry of the Poor.” YouTube, uploaded by Glastonbury Abbey of Massachusetts, 16 April 2021.

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