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70 years of presence of the Teresian Association in Alcoy, Spain

ALCOY, Spain. 
On Saturday, June 16, the Educational Community of José Arnauda School celebrated the 70th anniversary of the presence of the Teresian Association in Alcoy, with a Eucharist in which people, life and experiences were remembered and appreciated. 


Later, at the School, a Poveda Space was inaugurated, a place in memory of the Christian, human and pedagogical values ​​received during these years.

Loreto Ballester, former President of the Teresian Association addressed the audience with these words: "Yes, your idea and its realization has the great symbolic force of the gestures of each family when it wants to express their being, their values; that style by which they are recognized and that you want to extend over time.

José Arnauda School started as a family, with a style we recognize. Here lived the teachers who undertook this educational task. And the School created a family, with the contribution from all: teachers, families, and the parish, widening widening the space, and being always in the front line in its pedagogical methods.

Pedro Poveda and his educational proposal is present in Alcoy, in its people, in the educational community, in its teaching staff. We believe in the strength of education. Poveda showed it to us, he convinced us. We are sure. And as a symbol, we have this place that you have just inaugurated as a meeting place.

The encounter with Poveda will always bring us to the encounter with the God of life, to the encounter and commitment with this neighborhood, with the families, with the union among you as educators. He keeps telling us: Now is your time! Thank you."

The event ended with a dinner in the schoolyard where the joy of reuniting with families, teachers, alumni, friends, staff, etc. was obvious, in a family atmosphere, the hallmark of the school.

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