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Camino Cañón, Catholic woman and scientist

MADRID, Spain.
Before International Women's Day, Alfonso V. Carrascosa, scientist of CSIC (Higher Council for Scientific Research) highlighted Camino Cañón as a Catholic and scientist of the highest level, in a publication in Ecclesia magazine digital, dated August 2.

From the author

March 8, International Women's Day, is approaching. People are going to talk a lot and well about how desirable it is for society to present examples of women who participate in scientific and academic activity at the highest level. It is precisely the case of Camino Cañón, current directress of the renowned publishing company Biblioteca de Autores Cristianos (BAC), which was founded in 1944 to disseminate important works of Christianity, Bible editions, books on Patristic and documents of the Magisterium of the Church. Camino Cañón is a member of the Teresian Association.

Professor Mª del Camino Cañón Loyes studied at Universidad Complutense, Madrid, where she received her bachelor’s degree in mathematics.  From UNED she graduated with a philosophy degree, and at Bristol University (UK) she worked on her doctoral thesis, which she defended at Universidad Complutense on June 13, 1978, with highest honors. 

For 3 years, she taught as Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Complutense University and one year in the same Department at Universidad Autónoma, Madrid. She was Professor of Mathematical Logic at the Pontifical University of Comillas since 1972, and since 1991 she was full Professor at this University and taught Mathematical Logic. She was Vice-Dean for the Philosophy and Letters Department from 1985 to 1990; Vice-President from 1990 to 1994, Director of Publications from 2005 to 2011. She was President of the Ethics Commission of the University and Director of Science, Technology and Religion. She taught in master’s and doctoral programs at several universities in Spain and Argentina, as well as courses in Logic, Philosophy of Mathematics, and Science and Religion in the Department of Theology and in the Master of Philosophy, Humanism and Transcendence. She is a founding member of several scientific associations, a member of the Editorial Board of scientific journals, and has chaired various cultural entities.

Her lines of research have been: Philosophy of Mathematics, Conceptual Change and Science and Religion. She is the author of numerous books and philosophical articles, including: Mathematics. Creation and Discovery. P. Comillas University, Madrid 1993; CAÑON, C.-ABEL, F., (eds.): The Mediation of Philosophy in the Construction of Bioethics, U. P. Comillas, 1993; "Think Science in Postmodernity" in Gozo y Esperanza. Memorial Prof. Dr. Homenaje a Julio A. Ramos Regueira, Publications of UPSA Salamanca, 2006, pp. 217-234; "Compassion, public virtue in a democratic society: a reading by R. Rorty", in Pensar la Compasión, M. Gª Baró and A. Villar, P.Comillas University, Madrid, 2008 pp.115-158; "Truth and Science in postmodern rhetoric", in: Plenitudo Veritatis. Homage to Monseñor Romero Pose. Santiago de Compostela, Compostela Theological Institute, 2008, pp.389-408; "Family: Analysis of a concept in change", in -CAÑON, C. and VILLAR, A. (eds.) Ethics thought and shared. UP Comillas (2009), pp. 33-50; "Mathematical Logic in Philosophy Studies in Spain", in: M. Garrido et al. (coord.) The Spanish and Hispano-American Philosophical Legacy of the 20th Century, Cátedra, Madrid, 2009, pp. 986-1003; "Redescribe: a method for a utopia" Diálogo Filosófico, 76 (2010) 21-38 (ISSN: 0213-1196); "Science and Christian Faith: A changing and complex relationship", Estudios Trinitarios Vol. 44-Nº 2, (2010) 239-278; "Science, humanism and belief, a meeting on the border?", In C.Morano, J. Campos, M. Alcubilla (coords.), Science, humanism and belief in a plural society, Oviedo, Univ. Ed. Oviedo-Fundación Castroverde, 2012, pp. 17-36.

She is a founding member and acted as president (1988-1996) of Asociación Cultural Norte Joven of Madrid, founding member and president of International Association called Education for an Interdependent World (Brussels, 1996-2013) and was President of the Forum of the Laity of the Church of Spain (2008-2016).

The following are some of her words, taken from her speech given at an event in her honor given at the Pontifical University of Comillas in 2014. These were published in Ecclesia Digital. She names who her trainers were, the environment in which she worked; most of the people she referred to are active members of the Catholic Church:

"My first word of gratitude is for Alberto Dou SJ, director of my Department of Mathematics at Complutense, who was not scared of my youth and trusted me by sending me as a professor of Mathematical Logic to this University. I arrived in Autumn the 1972/73 academic year, the opening of Canto Blanco campus. There, I taught my first classes.  From those early years I keep a grateful memory to the Jesuit professors who introduced me to their ways of doing things and helped me to enter into the field of philosophy: Luis Martínez Gómez, Clemente Fernández, Teodoro de Andrés, José Gómez Caffarena, Antonio Blanch, Andrés Tornos ... And in this grateful evocation the authorities of the University and of the Company itself have an important place in my  heart because they trusted me and entrusted me with responsibilities and sharing in governance tasks: Luis López Yarto, Guillermo Rodríguez Izquierdo, Luis Tomás Sánchez del Río, Elías Royón, Manolo Gallego, J. Ramón Busto, Julio Martínez, our President, and Belén Urosa, Dean of the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences, who accompanies him at the table ... As I thank God for more than four decades lived at this University, it all seems to me as a yesterday full of light ... "

 Alfonso V. Carrascosa, scientist of CSIC

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