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New book: The Teresian Association in León during the time of Pedro Poveda

LEÓN, Spain.
Patrocinio García Gutiérrez is the author of a book on The Teresian Association in León during the time of Pedro Poveda, published by Duerna and presented on January 18 at  Saint Teresa School.

"León was the place, after Madrid, where Father Poveda, founder of the Teresian Association, spent most of his time." The Work started in 1917 on Alfonso XIII St., (former name of La Rúa St.) and it was a center to train teachers and other students. Later it also became a high school, as "the needs demanded," explains A. Gaitero, in his story published in Diario de León.

Inspired by the most advanced pedagogical methods, Father Poveda wanted to provide a Christian orientation to the training of teachers so that in the public schools they would provide "a believing and professional presence," explains the author. "The footprint of Father Poveda in León is present in the lease of the first premises he occupied and also in in the one signed in 1928 with the Augustinians to move to the current location. But, above all, he left his mark in the educational climate of the Academy-Boarding school that began his project with five teachers and eight students in 1917."

"The advancement of women at this institution was not limited to professionals, as it also opened a school for female workers that reached more than one hundred adult students," says Patrocinio García in the book.

At the presentation of the book, the author was accompanied by Héctor Escobar, editor; Consuelo Flecha, professor of the University of Seville; Milagros Zotes, teacher of Secondary Education; and Pilar Fornes, painter, professor and author of the portrait of Father Poveda that illustrates the cover of the book.

 Story written by A. Gaitero, in Diario de León



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