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POVEDA, the film, in Pune, India

PUNE, India.
The film POVEDA continues to be welcomed by different audiences. In the last months of 2017 it was screened in the city of Pune, India. Last July it was screened in Mumbai, 200 km. to the north.

After the first screening in India in Mumbai, the movie ‘Poveda’ travelled 200 kms south to Pune, as two separate screenings were planned in this city. 

The first screening, was held at the audio-visual room of the centrally located Jesuit school ‘St Vincent’s on Sunday, 24th September 2017. It was quite well attended by about a hundred people comprising TA members, family, friends, colleagues and parishioners. 

The second screening was which was held at the world renowned Theology ollege, Jnana Deepa Vidyapeeth  on 6th November 2017 drew a house-full of about 450 priests, religious and seminarians across  over 40 different religious congregations. 

Both the screenings entailed a lot of ground work of publicizing the event through individual invitations, announcements in neighbouring parishes, messages, emails, permissions from requisite authorities, posters, banners, and also the circulation of a summary of the movie prior to the screening.  At the start of both the events an introduction was made by Goretti Gonsalves and Jennifer Fernandes respectively, which served to clarify the socio-political context and times of Pedro Poveda. Juliet Fernandes delivered the vote of thanks at the end.

The movie was very well appreciated. As expressed by many of the viewers, the life of Poveda touched them deeply, and many were moved and inspired. They acknowledged that seeing the movie helped them to understand better the charism of the Teresian Association.  In fact one seminarian was so impressed that he expressed a desire to research into Poveda’s educational methods. Given the impact the movie has, we hope we can screen it in other parts of Pune in the near future too.

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