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Singular tribute to Josefa Segovia at the University of Jaén

JAÉN, Spain.
In the city of Jaén, the centenary commemoration of the first diocesan and civil approval of the Teresian Association, in 1917, has been well remembered. Among others, the University of Jaén offered an "Exhibition of unique documents from its General Archive and a portrait of Josefa Segovia". In this context, the latest biography on María Josefa Segovia (“María Josefa Segovia, la mujer de los ojos abiertos”) was presented.

Josefa SegoviaLast June, Mª Encarnación González gave a presentation at the Royal Economic Society of Friends of the Country in Jaén, to which Father Poveda and María Josefa Segovia belonged.  The latter, an education supervisor, and the Director of the Teacher’s School, were the first women who were received as members of this cultural association.

Previously, in 2016, the Jaén Forum distinguished the Teresian Association for its trajectory in the city. Also, the Congress of Archivists of the Church, celebrated this year in the month of September in Jaén and Guadix, evoked the social action of Father Poveda and took this Centennial into account.

Now, it is the University of Jaén that wanted to honor María Josefa, the only woman who has a portrait in the Hall of Illustrious People of the Provincial Council. The events followed the format of some of the University activities, with an exhibition and the presentation of a book.  These events were organized by the Vice-President for Culture, Sports and Social Responsibility.


The old Teacher's School of Jaén, where María Josefa was a Professor of Pedagogy during the school year of 1914-1915, is now integrated into the University and it has a space with an exhibition hall where they exhibit objects and documents that they consider of special interest. In this case, from November 2-9 of this centennial year, 2017, the portrait of Josefa Segovia will be exhibited, loaned for this purpose by the Provincial Council.  There are also some of her original documents and of Fr. Pedro Poveda - who was also a Professor of Religion in this schol – and these are kept in the Archive of the University. The diocesan Archive has also loaned the original copy of the Decree of Approval of the Teresian Association in the Diocese, of July 16, 1917, for the exhibition.

In addition to the exhibition, on Monday, November 6th, a faculty member will present the latest book on María Josefa Segovia Morón in the presence of the author, who will also make a presentation. Mónica González Navarro, Director of Narcea Editions, publisher of the book, will also speak.

We thank the University of Jaén, its President, and especially the Vice-President’s Office for honoring the Teresian Association and reinforcing the existing strong bonds between the Work of Poveda and this beloved city.

Information: María Encarnación González

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