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Mumbai, India, gets to see the film POVEDA

MUMBAI, India.
In a small way, yet preceded by a big desire to join the Teresian Association (TA) worldwide in making known the figure of St. Pedro Poveda, the film POVEDA was screened in two places in Mumbai last July 27th and August 20th, 2017.

The first one took place on the eve of the anniversary of Poveda’s martyrdom, at the Jesuit Juniorate at Vinayalaya, Andheri. The encounter was facilitated by the Dean of Studies, Fr. Learoy Rodrigues, companion of Theology studies in the Pontifical Institute of Philiosophy and Religion(JDV), Pune, of two TA members, Loudette Pascua and Agosh Librea. A brief introduction of the film at the beginning, and a sharing and Question-Answer session that followed afterwards was moderated by Nenita Tenefrancia.  Deep insights into the figure of Poveda, priest and martyr, were shared by the young Jesuits, and a number of questions raised related to the Teresian Association, its nature, mission and spirituality. The evening ended in a celebratory note, partaking of some Indian delicacies to celebrate the July 28th Feast. Also present were Amalia Ledesma and other Jesuit priests, one of them, a good TA friend, Fr. Charles Rodrigues.


The second encounter took place at the Bosco Hall of St. Andrew Church, our parish in Bandra on Sunday August 20th, thanks to the welcoming attitude of the parish priest, Fr. Caesar D’Mello.  A week before, Church announcements about the screening of the film were made after the Saturday and Sunday Masses, posters were placed at strategic places in the Church compound, and the event was announced by us and our friends via Whatsapp texts, FB messages, telephonic calls and by word of mouth.  It is interesting to gather some comments during this time: one friend said she has seen the movie in English aired by EWTN last July 28th, another one, copied the tape so he can show it to other groups, and the Rector of the Diocesan Seminary said he will find a way to show it one day to the seminarians.  This is promising…it will have a cascading effect…. the stage has been set for future viewing… 


That Sunday we woke up with heavy rains which continued till evening. The resulting crowd was thin, but those who came expressed afterwards that they were happy they did, among them Fr. Caesar and Fr. Anthony of the parish staff. Goretti Gonsalves and Nenita made some brief enlightening remarks about the film, about Poveda and the TA. Some were visibly moved during the film showing. Afterwards, several commented on Poveda’s pioneering work with women, and one on his educational work, expressed by Manolo’s words “He made me a person”.  The message of POVEDA lingers on… Yesterday I got an email from a friend who came to see the movie, asking to be clarified about the boy in the photo and the man who stood over the martyred Poveda at the end of the movie.

Text and photos: Nenita Tenefrancia




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