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Peru: 70th anniversary of the University Residency for Women

LIMA, Peru. 
The University Residence for Women (RUF, Spanish initials) of the Teresian Association in Lima, Peru, is celebrating 70 years of service to Peruvian society. A special celebration took place in August.

The team that manages RUF states: "we are very grateful to God who has allowed us, as Teresian Association, to contribute with joy, dedication and effort to the human, cultural and Christian formation and transformation of the young women who have come to Lima from different provinces of the country to carry out their professional studies."


They also explain the meaning they have given to this anniversary: ​​"It was a celebration to give thanks for so many blessings received, for the commitment assumed as a family as we commemorate these 70 years since the opening of the University Residence of the Teresian Association. We remembered all those who participated and those who fostered the formation of university students, specially Purita Estébanez, Teresa Lastreto, Pilar Hurtado, Elsa Tueros, and so many others.

The desire to train as professionals to serve our country was awakened in the hearts of the residents. They walked together for several years, becoming better persons, courageous women who take risks, recognizing themselves as important and valuable. They are part of the Teresian Association.

0913-1Some stayed here for months and others for years but everyone could discover that at this residence we built together a piece of their lives together. There were many shared experiences and ties that were woven, giving rise to good companions on the road, lifelong friendships and the certainty of having people to go to for guidance, suggestions, advice, or just a listening ear.

In the celebration, the former residents expressed that they recognized the residence as a place of love, prayer, meeting, welcoming, family, study, joy and they thanked each member of the Teresian Association, who over the course of these years accompanied the formation of each resident. In the faces of those who participated one could perceive happiness and gratitude to the Association.

We shared the Eucharist and artistic expressions of the places of origin of the residents and of the former residents. It was a gratifying experience of intercultural and intergenerational dialogue. We also shared refreshments.

These years have been blessed by the presence of Our Lady of the Assumption. As Mother and protector of the Residence, she has been accompanying everyone and their families. We pray to Our Lady that she may continue being present, so that the residents can be good people and, like Her, they may be ready to serve their communities and the country.


The Teresian Association in Peru today continues to work with students who come from different areas of Peru, some very poor, who received a scholarship. Thus, at the University Residence we try to respond to the invitation that Jesus makes in the gospel to welcome everyone regardless of where they come from and whatever their condition. This is a way to reach distant places where we cannot be present.

Information from the RUF team, from Lima




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